As a result of two years of negotiations and legalities, the Seend Community Centre now has Charitable status and will be developed, for use by the Village community, for a wide range of leisure, educational and entertainment activities.

The Chairman is Robin Heatley (tel. no. 828491), the Treasurer is Colin Carr (tel. no. 828756) and the Secretary is Graham Hickman (tel. no. 828868). John Smallshaw (tel. no. 828540) is responsible for the preparation and submission of the grant applications, which it is planned, will contribute to the improvements in the structure, decoration, insulation and furnishings, particularly of the main Hall and kitchen areas. A programme of events, which are planned to help raise the funds for this work, is already being developed by John and the Committee members. Any ideas that you may have which could result in the use of the Centre, particularly during the day time, will be greatly welcomed. With so many retired people in the Village and from such a wide range of backgrounds, the Centre offers an excellent base for meetings and the sharing of common interests. Volunteers to help with the decorating and improvement works will be always welcomed.

The Social Club will continue as it does at present, but with responsibility to the Community Centre for the control and operation of the existing Licensed area and the various programmes of events, (e.g. Membership, Skittles, Snooker, Sam Sainsbury’s Shows, etc.) It will continue for the foreseeable future to be the major contributor to the financial health of the Community Centre.

The Committee of the Community Centre propose to work closely with the Committee of the Lye Field in order to offer to the Village of Seend and the surrounding communities, the widest possible range of facilities for the use of groups of varying numbers and needs.

Seend is indeed fortunate in having such an excellent base to build on. It is now up to you, your ideas and enthusiasm, to help create and operate our own Community Centre in which we and our successors will take great pride.

Peter Fisher.

Following on from the previous page, it is vital that we increase the activity level of, and the revenue of, the Community Centre. We shall be happy to receive any thoughts as to how these aims might be achieved but for starters, in addition to the Race Night programmed for October 8th, there are plans in hand for a very special film evening to be held on 19th November, a pre-Christmas Ball, a revival of the Village Walk culminating with a Soup Kitchen at the Hall on 2nd January, 2006, a Burns Night Supper in January and a Valentine’s Ball in February and so on. The Entertainment Committee Members will be pleased to receive ideas and help. In the mean time, watch this space ……!

John Smallshaw.


This month we feature a husband and wife team. Tony and Sylvia Ewin came to the village in late 1995, soon after their marriage and Tony’s early retirement, for a fresh start after being heavily involved in find-raising activities in the Somerset village of Bleadon. Tony had worked in the cinema business, ending his career as an executive with MGM, with responsibility for cinemas throughout the south and west. Within one year Tony had joined the Village Fete Committee and became Chairman one year later.

For their first year in Seend they rested and looked around, but found that an idle life was not for them. Tony joined the Fete Committee in 1997 and the following year took over as Chairman for the next five years. He soon upgraded the Fete by introducing gazebos, funded by two barn dances. He also initiated printed programmes which were sold beforehand at every house in the village, and introduced sponsorship, thus guaranteeing advance income.

Tony really came to the notice of the Parish in June, 1998 when he chaired the Village Appraisal Committee. A tremendous amount of work went into this very worthwhile project out of which grew a large number of new clubs and societies, many of which are still thriving such as the Short Mat Bowls Club, the Theatre Club, the Historic Houses Club, the Book Club and Keep Fit and Yoga classes. Some of the new groups he formed were the Footpath Maintenance and Stile repair and the Village Conservation Group. There was also an Archery and a Badminton Club for a while. Many people will remember Tony ringing up and saying “Will you be on the committee of …..?”

Probably the greatest benefit from the Village Appraisal to the greatest number of Seend people is the Link Scheme, of which Tony is the founder and Chairman, leading a dedicated committee.

In 1999 Tony took over the Leisure in the Community (LinC) as Honorary Secretary from Diana Louca. Two grants totalling £2,000 from Kennet District Council were used in various ways for the benefit of village activities, such as helping to fund Short Mat Bowls equipment, football
strips, handbell repairs and tennis equipment and coaching for youngsters. Also a series of talks on health took place. Several other local clubs received funding for start-up and events. The Boules piste was funded from this grant.

Tony is also on the Church Social and Fundraising Committee and was largely responsible for the new-look Church Fete in the Rectory Garden.
His marketing and publicity skills have greatly helped the fundraising efforts on behalf of the Church.

Throughout, Tony has been supported by Sylvia who has also been busy with other interests such as Honorary Secretary to the Parochial Church Council and since 1998 has also been Honorary Secretary to the Church Social and Fundraising Committee. She Chairs the Theatre Club and the Book Club and is Treasurer to the Historic Houses Club. She founded the Poetry Group in 1999.

Together they make a great team and in the words of the old song, “You can’t have one without the other!”


Church Social and Fundraising Committee News:

Our Summer fundraising initiatives went very well, with a highly successful Open Gardens Weekend at the end of June when hordes of people came to enjoy the beautiful and varied gardens off the High Street. We do thank all those who worked so hard to contribute towards the magnificent sum raised of £3,123.

The next event was the Church Summer Fayre held in the Rectory Garden in July – a village t with lots of attractions for children. We had a beautiful sunny day and everyone who came greatly enjoyed the fun, helping to raise £1,102. Our grateful thanks to all who helped.

Please come along and meet all your friends for a jolly evening at the Harvest Supper which will take place on Monday, 3rd October, at 7.00p.m. for 7.30p.m. Tickets will be £6.50 and this year it will be different as there will be no auction of produce. Instead there will be a sales table with interesting lots made up for purchase, which will be less time consuming and we trust be a pleasant change.

We look forward with great expectation to the return of the superb Russian Choir from St. Petersburg. The beautifully sung performance was so popular last year that we are delighted they have agreed to come again. They will perform a choral concert in the Church on Saturday, 15th October. Tickets at £12 are available from the Post Office or from Committee members, Bob Howe on 828554 or Tony and Sylvia Ewin on 828325. This is not to be missed. There will also be a Sales Table with Russian crafts and C.D’s.


Our grateful thanks to all who gave their time and talents, to make the day a happy one..

A good time was had by all who came, it was particularly good to have our Family Orchestra and the Brownies involved in the Church Service, and enjoying the fun afterwards.

The late Mrs. Glad Gibson:

Jane and family would like to express their sincere thanks to everyone who sent messages in memory of Glad/Mum.

After a wonderful service at Seend Church attended by so many, a donation of £247.51 has been passed to the Restoration Fund for Seend Church.

We would like to thank in particular the Revd. Derek Frost and Mrs. Pam Muller for their help and support.

News from the Cleeve House Tea Room:

We would like to thank all those who supported our new venture. We have had an exciting summer, and made many new friends. Among our visitors a few weeks ago were two elderly granddaughters of William Heward Bell, who bought the house in 1883. They shared excitedly their recollections of their childhood visits to their grandparents.

Another unexpected visitor was the secretary of the Virginia Woolf Society. The author Virginia Woolf visited Cleeve House as she was the sister of Vanessa, the wife of Clive Bell, the second son of William Heward Bell (Squire Bell). The secretary came to arrange a guided tour for the members of the Society. We fixed the date on 6th September. Secretly we also invited our new friends the granddaughters! Imagine their surprise to be greeted in the library by ladies who could directly connect them to the historical atmosphere which existed in those times. It was a truly moving moment for everyone. Cups of tea all round for the group in the tearoom and a chance to ask questions about those old times, concluded a very special occasion.

Please note: Our Autumn opening times beginning from October - Thursday to Saturday 10.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. Sunday 2.00p.m. to 5.00p.m.
We have acquired an interesting selection of arts and crafts. Carlo and Barbara look forward to seeing you again in the Autumn.

Seend Playgroup Ladies Night:

The Ladies Night held in the Pavilion on 12th July was a huge success.
We managed to raise £150 for our Playgroup which we hope to spend on some new toys for the children.
Many thanks to everyone who supported us, particularly to Lindsay Alford for her excellent organisation of the event and to Mel and Richard at the Post Office for the refreshments.

Rachel Burton.

Worton & Cheverell F.C.

Football training for the community starts officially on Saturday, 3rd September, in various locations, we welcome new players to the Club for the forthcoming season, Worton & Cheverell will be participating in League competitions in all age groups below.

For new starts at Under 7 level (Year 1 at Primary School), we do need parental assistance at the training and are seeking for someone to lead this age group. Extra players are also required in other age groups, and in particular with a good level ability at Under 16.


Under 7 and Under 8 (Years 1 and 2): Every Saturday from 3rd September, from 9.30a.m. until 11.00a.m. at Worton Primary School. Please turn up on the day to register your interest.

Under 9: Saturdays as above but at Holy Trinity Primary School in Great Cheverall. Contact: Keith Wain, Tel:01380 721291.

For the following age groups, please contact the relevant team coach.

Huw Jones. U.10. 01380 828411.
Martin Tanner. U.11 01380 721174.
Roger Littleworth. U.12. 01380 720194.
Paul Sperring. U.14. 01380 727242.
Steve Dagnall. U.16. 01380 727976.


On 13th August, 2005 at 1.00p.m. the rains came to Seend. Hesitantly at first, then heavier and finally a downpour. And for 3 hours it didn’t stop. Fete 2005 was open for business – in uncharted waters! But the rain also didn’t stop our stall-holders. For more than 3 hours they – whether under cover or not – sold their wares with such determination that between 1.15p.m. and 4.15p.m. we took just over £3,400, a figure that compares wonderfully with last years ’income on the day’ of £4,700.

The final total for Fete 2005, with all bills paid and income received, will be more than £4,000! This is a magnificent achievement by everyone involved, and to all who played a part I say thank you for a job wonderfully well done. Thanks also go to the many individuals and organisations who provided advertising revenue and sponsorship to support our event. Their generosity makes it possible to plan and organise the Fete on a scale which encourages so many visitors to come and spend their money. Thanks must also go to this year’s performers, who were truly inspirational, especially the Majorettes. They will definitely be here again in 2006.

I can’t promise any better weather next year, but I can promise two things. First, every stall will have a Gazebo, so those stall-holders who were without in 2005 (to whom I profusely apologise), will be within 2006! Secondly, our 2005 efforts will be remembered for many years to come. Here’s to Fete 2006.

Bernie Prolze, Chairman Fete 2005.

Spotlight has been asked if it can answer the following questions but regrettably it cannot. Is there anyone out there who could provide the answers for a future publication? “I admired the cake section at this year’s Flower Show and wondered whether I might enter the ‘Victoria Sandwich’ section next year. Delia mentions a Victoria Sponge – is this the same? Some say raspberry jam is the only possible filling, but is ‘Victoria’ plum jam acceptable? Another question is do I dust with caster sugar or icing sugar? Are three eggs sufficient or should I use four? Is there an authentic Seend recipe?

M.C. Perplexed.

100+ Club: Subscriptions for 2005 – 2006:

At the final, final (1) count, we have 173 subscribers for 2005/2006. The amount subscribed is therefore even higher – £2,595 – which gives the Lye Field £865 leaving £1,730 for prizes. In addition to the 5 prizes per month – £35, £30, £25, £20 and £15 – we now have 2 additional prizes at Christmas, giving us a total of 11 – £75, £50, £40, £30, £25, £25, £25, £25, £20, £20 and £20.

June, 2005: The draw took place on Wednesday, 13th July in the Pavilion following the production run of the Fete 2005 programme. The winners are as follows:
1st Prize: £35. Nr. 6. Mrs. C. Springate.
2nd Prize: £30. Nr.196. Mr. J.H.B. Dent.
3rd Prize: £25. Nr.124. Mrs. A. Bottomley.
4th Prize: £20. Nr. 75. S.B. ’Von’ Letts.
5th Prize: £15. Nr. 103 Eric Akerman.

July, 2005: The draw took place on Monday. 18th July following the final Fete meeting prior to the event! The winners (including yet another new member) are as follows:
1st Prize: £35. Nr.121. Mr. M. Harding.
2nd Prize: £30. Nr.132. Mr. A.M. Bolton (new member).
3rd Prize: £25. Nr.172. Ron Apted.
4th Prize: £20. Nr. 56. Bernie Prolze (who he?).
5th Prize. £15. Nr. 103. Len Tucker.

August, 2005: The draw took place on Wednesday, 31st August, following the Fete Wash-up meeting. The winners (including yet another new member) are as follows:
1st Prize: £35. Nr. 137. Richard Whitehead.
2nd Prize: £30. Nr. 151. Frank Teasdale.
3rd Prize: £25. Nr. 162. Mrs. J. Rogers.
4th Prize. £20. Nr. 2. Bob Smith.
5th Prize: £15. Nr. 67. Hazel Barnes.


Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!
Ever felt bored on a Wednesday Evening? We have the answer – come and give Short Mat Bowls a whirl! - Seend is a friendly club, always willing to let anyone have a go to find out whether this sociable sport is for them. There are plenty of competitions on offer for those who would like to develop their skills, otherwise it’s just a casual roll-up with light refreshment every Wednesday at 7.30p.m. in the Usher Pavilion for a couple of hours. All ages (13 and up) welcome.

For more information contact Colin Waldeck on 828946.


The speaker at our August meeting – Mrs. B. Partridge – gave us a very interesting talk about ‘English Cheeses’. There are nine varieties of English cheeses : Caerphilly, Red Leicester, Wensley Dale, Lancashire, Double Gloucester, Derby, Cheshire, Cheddar and Stilton. We sampled each of these and compared taste and texture. There are nine stages in cheese making and in olden times the cheesemaker was an important member of the community and was a woman!. The Competition ’Cheese Nibbles’ was won by Mrs. Judith Biggs and we enjoyed sampling these during Social Time.

We were very busy serving teas at the Lye Field Fete on 13th August. The dreadful weather made sure that our tea and home made cakes were in great demand.

Our next meeting is the party to celebrate our 86th Birthday on the 12th October when the entertainment will be provided by Mr. Patrick Hill. We look forward to welcoming members, their guests and other friends from the Village and other W.I’s.

The next Sheepbells Group meeting is on Wednesday, 26th October at 7.30p.m. in the W.I. Hall. We shall be entertained by ’Opera Picola’ who are well known for their varied programme. Entrance of £2 is payable on the door. We do look for good support from members as Seend is responsible for the Sheepbells Group until the end of 2006.
Mrs. Pam Hillier – who is in charge of all Hall matters – would like to remind prospective hirers that the fee is £5 per hour. For bookings or further details, please contact her on 01380 828494.

Betty Smith.

Just a reminder that -

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Relief Fund is being held nationwide on Friday, 30th September, 2005. Seend will play its part with a Coffee Morning on that day in the W.I. Hall, Rusty Lane, Seend from 10.30a.m. until 12noon. In addition to raising money by selling coffee there will be a ‘Bring and Buy’ stall and a Grand Raffle. Donations for these and any other offers of help will be greatly appreciated by the Co-ordinator – Mrs. E. Campbell of Burnham Cottage, High Street, Seend. Tel: 01380 828451. We look forward to a good response to this excellent cause.


Members enjoyed a Garden Lunch at Burnham Cottage – home of Elizabeth Campbell – on 17th August. There was a sumptuous spread of savouries and puddings provided by members. The Guest of Honour was the Revd. J. Hiscox the M.U. Deanery Chaplain.

The next meeting is on 21st September at 2.45p.m. in the Irene Usher Memorial Pavilion in Rusty Lane. The speaker is Mrs. Jeannie Gye who will tell us about the work of the ‘Daylight Trust‘. The tea hostess will be Mrs. Margaret Coley.

The next M.U. Corporate Communion is on Wednesday, 28th September at 9.45a.m. in Holy Cross Church, Seend. We would give a warm welcome to any visitors who join us at our meetings and/or Corporate Communion.

Betty Smith.


Annual General Meeting: All Members are reminded that the AGM will be held in the Upper Room in the Social Club on Thursday, 13th October , 2005 at 2000 hrs., Please put this date in your diary as, with a membership of 101, it would be encouraging to have more than the usual half dozen attending.
Remembrance Sunday – Warning Order:
The usual parade and service will be held in the Church of The Holy Cross, Seend on Sunday, 13th November, 2005 followed by a social gathering in the Social Club. The average turnout for this is around 20 people, so, once again, with a membership of 101, please put this date in your diary and let us see if we can at least double the number of members parading.
Further details of this and of the Act of Remembrance on 11th November, 2005 will be published in the November edition of Spotlight.

Roger Brind.

Poppy Appeal:

This also comes round in November with the envelope being delivered to all houses between the 26th October and 12th November. Please if you are a tax payer, Please sign the Gift Aid declaration on the envelope. For every £1 enclosed inside the envelope the Royal British Legion can claim 28p from the Inland Revenue. This can make so much difference to the final amount.



Our Futher Education Studies this Autumn are entitled “NATURAL DISASTERS” - defined as being caused by nature and beyond the control of mankind. The programme of talks and learning has been put together to illustrate ‘just what has happened, is happening, and what is likely to happen in the future’.

Topics planned will be :
VOLCANOES: Some historical eruptions. What causes volcanoes – where the majority of volcanoes are found, and why they are there. We shall look also at hot spots, mantle plumes and super volcanoes.
EARTHQUAKES: Some historical quakes. Why do earthquakes happen? Where do they happen? Can we predict them? Why do they cause so much devastation?
LANDSLIDES/LANDSLIPS: What’s the difference? What are the causes? What are the effects?
TSUNAMIS: What exactly is a tsunami? Why are they so big, and why do they cause so much destruction?
ASTEROID STRIKES: How likely is the earth to be hit by a large space object? What will the effects be? How can we avoid it? How often does it happen? Did one of these really kill off the dinosaurs?
ICE AGES: There have been a great number, and it is said that we are currently still in one. Are we?
This leads nicely on to ….
GLOBAL WARMING: Is it or isn’t it? How much effect is man actually having on the environment?
THE SUN: This is literally the ’Centre of our Universe’ but it is currently halfway through its life. It can’t go on for ever – so what will happen to us, to the earth?

The various sub-headings do tend to run into each other. Therefore, whilst all will be covered, the order will depend on feedback from the class and time will be given to peoples views, opinions and theories. Whilst the basis is geology, no prior knowledge of the subject will be assumed. There will be an opportunity to see and touch fossils, minerals and rocks, and how to classify them.

We meet on Monday evenings in the upstairs room of Seend Social Club, Rusty Lane from 7.30p.m. – 9.15p.m. We have an excellent tutor in John Willmouth. The 8 sessions will commence on Monday, 10th October, 2005 and the complete cost of tuition will be £32.

Don and Heather Hyde.


We had decided on ‘Babes in the Wood’ but on researching the story decided that ‘Hansel and Gretel’ has a happier ending and so is more appropriate for the Fawlty treatment! So put 16th – 18th February in your diary now.


Talented guitarist and composer Hayley Savage is playing for us at the Pavilion on Saturday, 22nd October at 7.45p.m. Those of us who heard her playing as half of the Duo del Fuego, when they appeared here last autumn, will know that we are in for a musical treat. Tickets (available from Seend Shop/P.O. or by phoning Tessa on 828617) cost £6, or £4 for children, pensioners and full-time students. Refreshments will be available in the interval – or you can bring your own wine or beer and glasses. Proceeds for the evening will go towards the upkeep of the Lye Field and Pavilion.


This autumn’s Rural Arts Wiltshire event in Seend is aimed at our younger residents (age 5+) - and their mums, dads, grannies and grandpas of course! The Shape Changer is an adventure story about a boy who can change into different animals – according to his mood – and his search for his father who was last seen in the shape of a bird! This entertaining and imaginative show uses original music, lighting effects and tabletop and shadow puppets.
The show is at 4.00p.m. on Sunday, 13th November in the Pavilion. Tickets (£6 adults, £3 children or £15 for a family of two adults and two children) are available from Seend Shop/O.O. or from Tessa on 828617. Any proceeds will go to the Lye Field and Pavilion.


If you want to join the Shopping Trips on the first Wednesday of each month, ’phone Terry on 828203 – and do support the scheduled services too. Don’t forget you can find the Shuttle timetable (and loads of other village info) on If you would like to volunteer to drive the Shuttle – on a regular or occasional basis – please ’phone Pete on 828757.


The Poetry Group continues to meet every month or so to read and discuss poetry on different topics – and to write if the mood takes us! If you’d like to join in, ring Tessa on 828617.

News items from overseas, (Reportedly true.)

After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean ’bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Beltway had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby ‘bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. The deception was not discovered for three days. (Even if not true, it makes a nice story.)

A Nice bit of American Wit:

The American newspaper “The Washington Post” holds a yearly contest in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for various words. Some of the offerings are as follows :-
1). Coffee (n). A person who is coughed upon.
2). Flabbergasted (adj). Appalled over how much weight you have gained.
3). Esplanade (v). To attempt an explanation when drunk.


Flower Show and Fete: A special thank you to all those who helped on the Club’s stall in all that torrential rain and kept cheerful under their umbrellas! Congratulations to Jane Goman for winning the Club Class with her pot of Busy Lizzy.

Club visit to France: This trip was arranged at shorter notice than usual, so congratulations to our new Chairman, Roger Allen, and Jim Fish for its success. The visit was centred on Evreux, not a first choice, because it entailed more travelling, but the hotel was good and on future occasions, there will be more time to book.

We were not blessed with a sunny day as on our first visit to Monet’s garden, but we still enjoyed it and had the place almost to ourselves for a second look around. Kath had the fun of photographing a Frenchman proposing to his girl friend on the famous Japanese bridge and Shirley found that a rug made a good sarong whilst her wet skirt dried out!. .

After visiting a charming garden made in memory of the owners daughter, a Calvados and a Benedictine distillery, our final visit was to the gardens of the Abbe de Valloires. The building was used as a school for handicapped children and the garden was redesigned to accommodate a collection of trees and shrubs in suitable sites. A rose bred by Austins and named Picardy to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the ‘Entente Cordial’ was laid out in the formal beds. Up on the hill were interesting educational features.

Day Out: Sue Johns did a good job of organising a day out to the Chantry Gardens of Winchester Cathedral. We were led on an interesting walk down the back lanes to the Cathedral, where the Dean and his wife greeted us for a welcome cup of coffee. Our hostess had designed the garden on what had been a derelict space, led us around the garden pointing out features of interest and problems that she had had. The Dean is due to retire so it was good to know that this attractive and peaceful place has a secure future. We had time for a quick look around the Cathedral and lunch before travelling on to see the gardens of Hinton Ampner followed by tea. This place has a terrace around the house with good views and many small secluded garden areas, with shelters and seats for a rest, each of which has something different to see.

October Meeting: The speaker on Tuesday, 11th October, is Monica Blake who will talk about the ‘Wild Orchids of Britain & Europe’. You may remember that she had meant to talk to us on this subject on a previous occasion, but unfortunately brought the wrong box of slides! However, we did have a good talk but on a different subject – better late than never! Monica hopes to suggest a good place for us to see orchids next year. This meeting is in the Irene Usher Memorial Hall, Rusty Lane at 7.30p.m. The monthly competition will be for the ‘Last Rose of Summer’ We look forward to welcoming existing members and anyone else who would like to come to the meeting to see if they would enjoy the occasion.

Tony Hill (our retiring Chairman) and Audrey send their thanks for the large garden umbrella which has been much used over the summer.

Joyce Brand.


14 Walkers took part in visiting Langford Lakes Nature Reserve managed by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust on Monday afternoon, 18th July. Langford Lakes are situated in the heart of the Wylye Valley in south Wiltshire, halfway between Warminster and Salisbury. The reserve consists of three lakes and a half-mile stretch of the River Wylye. Members enjoyed a leisurely stroll on these premises, visiting ‘hides’ to view the wildfowl.

On returning from the Lakes we were joined by further members making the number present 29. At the Berwick St.James Activities Centre the Committee had laid on a magnificent supper. Many thanks to Anne Salter and her most dedicated team for putting this event on for us.

Friday Evening, 22nd July: Bob Howe organised a 5 mile walk from the pretty village of Lockeridge. Starting promptly at 6.00p.m. 13 members walked a circular distance over the Marlborough Down with wonderful scenery, finishing up at the ‘Who Do Thought It’ pub in Lockeridge. Thanks to Bob for this pleasant evening.

Sunday, 31st July: 11 members completed a walk commencing at Westbury White Horse for a distance of about 5¾ miles. The route followed the top of the escarpment of Salisbury Plain in an easterly direction with extensive views to the north and superb views down into Luscombe Bottom (a site of special interest). We then followed low ground back through Lower Bratton. A steep but not too severe climb brought us back to the top, passing the Westbury White Horse beneath us on the hill slope. Our thanks to Gordon Reed for organising this route for us.

Fete Day, Saturday, 13th August: The Rambling Committee would like to thank everyone concerned in running and organising the White Elephant Stall. This was especially arduous as the weather this year was so dreadful. Nevertheless, we did manage to raise £424.47. Letters from the Fete 2005 Committee and Lye Field Recreation Committee have been received thanking us for our excellent achievement.

Sunday, 21st August: 17 walkers did a route commencing Morrisons car park, Chippenham, crossing the busy main road near the golf course through woodland out across field and tracks to Birdsmarsh.Kellaway, passing Maud Heath causeway and into the village of Langley Burrell. A beautiful day, picnicing by the river. Thanks to Pam and Derek Chapman for such a lovely walk.

Weekend in Leamington Spar, Warwickshire – 7/8 and 9th October.
A group of 31 members will be taking a short break to either do two organised walks, or non-walkers will please themselves with a little sight-seeing. At the time of going to press, Gerald and I will be spending a weekend pre-walking something interesting for those participating in this event. (See next issue for how we got on!!),

We hope to organise another walk in October, either 23rd or 30th. Those of you who are on the Warwick weekend will get to know more definitely: other members will be informed by ’phone in time for you to participate.

Lin Salter.

(In aid of Dorothy House).
8.00p.m. til late.
Tickets £750 each (incl. Supper) available from
Geoff Wiltshire – 01380 828603. Ray Willis – 01225 708811.
Fancy Dress Optional – Prizes for best individual and group.


Bulkington Ladies:

Many thanks to Thelma and Nev for the use of their garden for our July meeting. The weather was fine again and we were able to enjoy riding the trains throughout the evening, as well as food and wine in the Hall. We said farewell to Jackie, whose imagination and ingenuity has contributed to some memorable evenings for the ladies.

With the nights drawing in, our meeting on Thursday, 29th September will take place in the Village Hall when John Girvan will amuse and inform us with a talk entitled “The Art of Fencing with the French Foil”.

We meet every month, usually on the last Thursday. New ladies are very welcome either regularly or just on an occasional basis.

Geraldine (828664).

The Mothers Union: Wednesday, 26th October, 10.30a.m.

Meeting at Manor Farm, Keevil with guest speaker, Nikky Creek who will give a talk on “Carers’ Support West Wilts”. Everyone most welcome.

Church Flowers:
October 2nd (Harvest & 9th. - Mrs. Raby-Cox.
October 16th, 23rd & 30th. - Mrs. Elliott.

Church Cleaning:
October 1st - 15th - Mrs. Jones.
October 16th - 31st - Mrs. Elliott.


We will be decorating the Church for Harvest Thanksgiving on SATURDAY, 1st OCTOBER in readiness for our Harvest Service on SUNDAY, 2nd OCTOBER at 9.30a.m.

Gifts of flowers, fruit and vegetables will be most gratefully received, either on Saturday or during the Service on Sunday.

This is a wonderful occasion to dress the Church in all the glorious colours of Autumn, and fill the Church with Nature’s Harvest.

The Harvest Supper will take place on TUESDAY, 4th OCTOBER in Bulkington Village Hall at 7.00p.m. (N.B: Please note change of day). The Supper will be followed by the auction of produce. We look forward to the pleasure of your company. Tickets available soon from Liz Futter and
John McDonald.


Saturday, 19th November: We invite you to join us to celebrate the Patronal Festival of the Feast of Christ the King.

We are celebrating at Christ Church, Bulkington with Evensong at 5.00p.m.This will be followed by a special “Bring & Share” Supper in Bulkington Village Hall at 7.30p.m. The more the merrier, so come and join us.

The celebrations will continue on Sunday, 20th November with Parish Eucharist at 9.30a.m. at Christ Church, Bulkington.


I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for the help and consideration I have had while John has been ill. The Seend & District Link have been wonderful and the people of Bulkington have been so wonderfully kind; I have been overwhelmed.

Thank you is not much for all this kindness but I don’t know how I would have managed without it.

Joan Champion.

A Chance to have your say on Health in Wiltshire:

Readers are invited to offer their services to join a Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPI) in Wiltshire. The Forum will enable local people to express, directly to local Health Trusts, their concerns regarding failings in the performance of health services. Topics such as foundation status for hospitals, G.P. out of hours services, dentistry, waiting lists or wider health issues are all examples of areas considered by PPI Forums.

PPI Forums have statutory powers to influence change locally and local NHS Trusts have to respond to Forum comments within twenty days.

Forum members are required to give eight to twelve hours a month but many members in fact, offer more. Travel expenses, childcare and carers’ costs are paid. For further information telephone 01392 332 100 or write to:
Erica Lewis, Regional Manager, Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health, South West Regional Centre, Lynx House, Pynes Hill Office Campus, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 5JL.

1939 – 1945: SIXTY YEARS ON:

For Carol Galliford, now Carol James, the War began on 2nd September, 1939. On that day she, and all of the other children at her school in Hammersmith, started a train journey that brought them to Seend Station. Aged eight, labelled, carrying a gas mask and clutching her teddy bear she was one of several children who were randomly directed into a car driven by the late Mrs. Diana Fraser. When the car stopped outside a bungalow, Carol was taken out and the residents peremptorily told that “This is your evacuee”.Fortunately for Carol the bungalow was owned by Mrs. Lorna Hillier and her late husband Cecil. War was formally declared the following day.

Warmly welcomed, Carol happily stayed in her new surroundings for around the period of the “phoney war”. As dangers to the civilian population appeared to have receded, Carol and her school mates were taken back to the London area, this time to Isleworth. Her previous school had been converted into a form of hospital but unfortunately, soon after her return Hitler launched his Blitzkrieg on the Low Countries and as the bombing raids on London increased, her new school took a direct hit from a bomb. Carol and the other children were in the cellars at the time. As a result, she found herself back in the welcoming arms of Lorna and Cecil.

There Carol stayed until 1943 and due to accommodation problems caused by her surrogate and growing family, she moved across to Hilperton. By this time her elder sister had found herself working in a munitions factory in Trowbridge.

Carol went to school in Seend. The existing school was too small for the evacuees so they were taught in what used to be the Working Men’s Club and from there she went to Trowbridge High School before finally going back to London in 1945. Her own father had died when she was four and one of her happiest memories is of being taken to a party by Cecil and being introduced as “My adopted daughter”. She has been back to Seend on many occasions and still knows a number of residents from those early days. She also still looks upon Lorna as her surrogate mother.

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