This month was known by the Romans as Quintilis, the Latin word for “fifth”. Quintilis was the fifth month of the early Roman calendar which began in March and the birthday of Julius Caesar was the twelfth day of this month. After he was killed Mark Anthony re-named the month as Julius in honour of Ceasar’s birthday. In Britain the name was changed to July after the Great Fire of London in 1666. You may wonder why we have a rose (computer generated) on the cover? Although the weather may not always recognise the occasion, July does equate to summer and summer equates to a profusion of roses. To many people, the rose is seen as the national flower of England so hence our cover.

In her book of 100 Flowers, Diana Wells explains the history of the rose. Its botanical name is Rosa which refers to its colour with rosa being the Latin word for “red”. The bloom represents love, magic, hope and the mystery of life itself. It dates back to the earliest civilisation and the Persian word for rose, Gul, also meant “flower”. Gul was also close to the word Ghul, the word for “spirit”.


Sunday, 10thJuly is a National Day of Thanksgiving commemorating V.E. and V.J. Day. Our normal Church Service at 11.15a.m. will incorporate our own Service of Thanksgiving. This is NOT a Parade but it is very much hoped that members and their families will come along.

In place of this month’s personal profile:-


It is with great sadness that Seend says Goodbye and Happy Retirement to Christine Ramsay, Head teacher of Seend C.E. Aided Primary School. It is worth, therefore, before she leaves at the end of term, committing a brief review in Spotlight of Christine’s career at Seend as her long years of service at the school have influenced the future of a generation of children.

Christine first arrived at the school nearly twenty years ago. Since then she has taught an estimated 500 children in every classroom and every year group. It goes without saying that she has, therefore, taught children of all abilities and needs and in all circumstances – including holding classes in the school hall while the mobile classroom which houses years 5 and 6 was being erected in 1993.

Having been acting Head twice, Christine became the permanent Head teacher six years ago and her time as Head teacher has been notable for the considerable achievements by the children, staff and school community. Modern regimes of inspection and assessment have been embraced by Christine without apparent effort, ensuring a very successful OFSTED inspection in February, 2000 and year-on-year excellent SATs results. Besides these unavoidable measures, under Christine the school has also achieved a Healthy Schools Award and Investors in People.

This last accomplishment is an excellent example of the commitment Christine has always shown towards the hard-working staff of Seend School. Courses and training are embraced and encouraged. Creative teaching and learning has been promoted and general, forward-looking attitude marks Christine’s leadership. Seend can now boast an ICT room, two interactive whiteboards with two more on the way and an ongoing school development plan which is regularly updated and revised as each attainment is ticked off.

The reason for this success is Christine’s friendly, democratic and forward-looking approach. She has always sought, not only to keep up with trends and requirements in education, but to push them as far as possible so that the pupils and staff benefit from the best practice available – but always with solid teaching and learning as a foundation.

As a consequence of this attitude, pupils have been able to enjoy many “extras” to enhance the learning process, particularly in regard to the arts. trips to theatres, museums and galleries alongside weekly lessons from a specialist singing teacher are a standard part of the curriculum, as well as dedicated arts weeks featuring visiting artists. Christine even took beginners’ recorders – despite considering herself to be unmusical. She is also dedicated to the environment and has supported, among other things, recycling at the school, maintaining the pond and the wildlife area.

Finally, all those who have connections with the school will be aware of the many charitable events promoted or supported by Christine. Sometimes these events are in aid of school funds, but they are just as often concerned with the wider community and she has allowed pupils to support national fund-raising drives or to select charities for funds raised. Anyone who has seen her on Red-Nose day will be aware that outlandish costumes and bright green hair hold no fear for our redoubtable Head teacher!

It is hard to list the many qualities and achievements held by this much-loved and respected figure. Many will have personal memories from the various perspectives of pupil, parent, staff-member, governor and village resident – or more than one of these. But the best testament to Christine is one any visitor to Seend School can see at a glance : happy, friendly, bright children, enjoying an excellent education under the care of a dedicated and committed leader.

Hattie Stafford Charles.


This is for the youngest to the oldest to come along and have an enjoyable time on Saturday, 9th July, open 2.00p.m. With more room in the garden there is much more to enjoy. Lots for the children with a Bouncy Castle, games, Treasure Hunt/Quiz and fun with fairy cakes. Seend School is expected to give a short concert.

Adults are not forgotten with a Spirits draw, Raffle and stalls of Bric-a-Brac, Books, Cakes, Toiletries, Groceries and Garden Plants. Tina Yockney asks that you let her have Videos/CDs. and Tapes you no longer watch or listen to at 57 Seend Cleeve (tel:827139), Sacha our Rector also has her own competition – you’ll have to wait and see! There are teas and Ice creams to enjoy when you need a rest. I am happy to collect items you may have for the stalls especially awkward bric-a-brac items or you can bring them along to the Rectory garden on the Saturday morning.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tony Ewin (828325) Church Social & Fund Raising Committee.


The Big Band concert and supper was an outstanding success with a first class performance by the Band in front of a capacity audience. A delicious supper was served in the interval and, with all bills paid, a profit of £700 was made
The Committee would like to thank all those who attended for their generosity in supporting the raffle which contributed £247.50 towards this total.



The feature in the May issue of Spotlight about the future of the Post Office and Village Store is a salutary reminder that we can no longer take the presence of the Shop for granted. Rather than covering our heads after it closes could we not be pro-active in ensuring its continuation. Perhaps an informal “Friends of the Village Stores” scheme could be formed in which members would each commit themselves to buying their week’s supply of groceries in the Village on three or four occasions during the year. Foregoing the special offers and loss leaders of the supermarkets on a few occasions would be a small sacrifice to make to ensure that our shop is out of danger.

Leo Coley.


Bulkington Ladies: Thursday, 28th July:

Evening event to be announced. For further details contact Geraldine on 828664.

Tuesday, 16th August:

Bat Walk at Lacock. A walk and talk on the local Bat colonies around this lovely Wiltshire Village.


Wednesday, 27th July, 7.30p.m. in Keevil Village Hall: An evening of entertainment by the “Keevil Singers” with supper and raffle. In aid of M.U. Overseas Fund. Everyone most welcome.

Church Flowers:
Sunday 3rd & 10th July: - Mrs. Woolnough.
Sunday 17th, 24th & 31st July - Mrs. Elliott.
Church Cleaning: July - Mrs. Elliott.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 13th July, 2005 at 8.15p.m. in Bulkington Village Hall.

SATURDAY, 2ND July, 2005 at 2.00p.m.

You know the date, you know the time and you know the place; all we need now is YOU.
We invite you to come along and enjoy what we hope will be our BEST FETE EVER!

A reminder of the Bottle Collection on Thursday evening, 30th June also items to stock the stalls, all gratefully received and include :
Plants – Phyl Yarde.
Cakes – Andie Elliott.
Lucky Dip – Andrea Dobson.
Books & Toys – Andy & Sian Stables.
Raffle – John & Audrey McDonald.

Andie Elliott.

Also, here at Bulkington Halt the Great Bulkington Railway is gearing up for our Village Fete on Saturday July 02nd when we expect to happily entertain the usual crowd of around 300 plus boys, girls, Mums and Dads.
We are expecting several steam and diesel locomotives that will haul passengers off to the ‘seaside’ (shame about the tide being out!) as well as a goods train. Passenger train rides will start from around 1 o’clock until about 5 o’clock. Heather Skull from BBC Radio Wiltshire has been invited to open the fete at 2 o’clock when sales from the stalls will commence. Teas & ‘sticky buns’ will be served on the lawns and a limited bar service will be available with beer, wines and soft drinks. A barbecue, operated by the sports field supporters will serve hungry visitors with tasty hot food. A 16mm tabletop steam railway layout will be in operation and a trampoline with instructors will be available to visitors.

The Phoenix Brass Band (from Hungerford) of around 30 players will play show type music and the boys and girls from Keevil School are doing a Maypole dance for us. The Wadworth Brewery from Devizes are kindly sending their Shire Horses with a wagon and we expect them to be giving rides in Ron Elliot’s field to the south of the house.
All proceeds from our fete will be for Christ Church Bulkington, the Sports Field and the Village Hall Restoration Fund.
We look forward to seeing all our visitors and hope that everybody has a good time.

Nev Boulton. Chief Engineer GBR.

A visit to the Great Bulkington Railway of approximately 15 children from Russia will take place on the afternoon of Friday 29th July.
These children come from the vicinity of the atomic power station that suffered a reactor explosion some years ago. Many of them are orphans as a result and many of them are suffering from the effects of the resultant radioactivity. It is understood that some of the previous visitors from last year have since died. We are going to entertain them with train rides on the railway and afterwards have a party in the village hall. Thelma & Jill Breach will be in charge of the party and we request support from the ladies of the village. Phillip Coles has offered to give us a couple of chickens which will need turning into sandwiches – Cakes, sausage rolls and the like will be needed. They are trained not to drink milk because it is radioactive where they live - so we need a few bottles of soft drinks. Donations of food/drinks/balloons/chocolate/crisps or money towards this event will be most gratefully received (Thelma 01380 828 101). After the party Phil Coles will take them on a trailer behind his tractor around the village and to see the farms.

Nev Boulton 01380 828 101


It appears that there might be a little bit of confusion regarding donations to Spotlight and the problem originated when the regular distributor was unable to collect the envelopes. Consequently very few envelopes, with their contents, were collected from Bulkington. Several Village organisations have been extremely kind and have made donations.

Unfortunately, helpful as they are, the donations still leave a short-fall. What is really needed are kind volunteers who will collect future envelopes. Will willing volunteers please contact Mrs. Andie Elliott (828277) or Spotlight (828540).

The “That’s not quite what I meant to say” corner.

The following are reputedly true and taken from some of the many complaints sent, by tenants, to a particular city council.

“I wish to report that tiles are missing from the outside toilet roof. It was probably the wind we had the other night, it must have made them blow off.”

“I’d like to report my lavatory seat is cracked. Where do I stand?”


Seend Church of England C.A. School has a vacancy for a clerk to provide administrative support to the governing board, starting the end of September, 2005. The post holder will need to attend evening meetings, normally once a term and be able to communicate with the school and Wiltshire County Council during school/office hours. Access to a computer and the internet would be an advantage. The post receives a honorarium payment of £739,85 p.a.
For more information, a job description or an informal chat please contact the school on 828334 or Chairman of Governors, Alison Bottomley on 01380 828544.


The Seend & District Link Scheme has been operating successfully since 2000. It provides service to villagers who need some basic help from time to time. This can involve such diverse activities as collecting prescriptions, transporting to and from appointments, or perhaps helping with small jobs around the house. This service is much appreciated by our clients.

We are always grateful to welcome new volunteer helpers especially as we have recently extended our field of operation to include Bulkington.
Do you think you could help? If so, please contact David Griffiths, Recruitment Officer on 828161 for more information.

SEEND SUMMER FETE – does it have a future?

This is a Big Question to answer! Perhaps it should be “Why do we have a Fete?”, as the answer to this question seems immediately obvious to us all’ to provide an opportunity to get together on the Lye Field in the middle of summer for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment, at the same time raising some much needed cash for the Lye Field so that we may all continue to enjoy it’s benefits for many years to come. Nevertheless, despite the answer being so obvious, and the benefits so clear, there seems to be a collective reluctance to get involved in the actual running of the Fete, as, despite two recent appeals in Spotlight for helpers on the day, I have had not one single offer.

Thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of individual donors, the Committee has so far received over £2,000 in sponsorship and advertising in response to appeals. Clearly in some eyes the Fete does have a future. It would be gratifying if we saw a similar positive response to our appeal for help over the few remaining weeks to August 13th.

Please ask yourself if you can spare one hour during the afternoon of Fete day to help on one of the stalls? If you can, call me on the Helpline which is 828391. Remember, the Fete belongs to all of us. The Committee is happy to organise it for everybody – but we do need your help! And the answer to the Big Question? Of course it does – it’s far too important not to!


- for the Fete Toy Stall! Last year the Toy Stall was so successful that all the toys we collected during the summer were sold in the four hours of the Fete. Our stock for this year’s Fete is nil! We have a stall – but nothing to sell.!
Can you help? Do you have any toys/games/puzzles, etc. that your child/children no longer play with? If so, put it/them to one side and call me Bernie Prolze on 828391 or Mary Gray on 827238 and we will come to your house and collect them! Please help! We need all the toys we can get!

If you would like to help out on the Toy Stall for an hour during the Fete – and actually get to see the final disposal of those unwanted toys to another good home – we could certainly use your services, as we have presently only two volunteers. Please do think about it.

Bernie Prolze, Fete Chairman, 828391.

Seend Fete Bottle Stall:

The annual house-to-house collection of bottles, tins, etc. will take place from 7.30p.m. on the following days :
Monday, 8th August, Seend. Tuesday, 9th August, Sells Green.
Wednesday, 10th August, Seend Cleeve.

If anyone knows that they will be out that evening and wishes to donate a bottle, they can do so either by contacting Roger Brind (828830) prior to the collection, or by bringing their donation to the Stall on the day of the Fete. Finally, if anyone would like to volunteer to assist with the collections on one or more of the dates, please let Roger Brind know. The more people we have, the quicker it gets done and the “Press gangs” will be out nearer the time!.


Here’s hoping that you have already got this date in your diaries and have ideas as to what you will be entering for this year’s Show.

The continued support of all you successful Gardeners, Floral Artists, Photographers, Cooks and Handicraft experts, is what makes the Seend Flower and Handicrafts Show such a success. This year there are again classes for all talents and all ages and first time entries are often among the prize winners!

Programmes, which detail the many classes, will be available from late June through July from the Village Shop, The Social Club, The Bell, The Brewery, The Three Magpies, The Tipsy Toad, Great Thornham Farm and The Old Milestone Nursery.

Exhibits should be brought to the Social Club between 6.30p.m. and 7.30p.m. on Friday evening or before 11.00a.m. on Saturday morning.

Do please make a special effort to lend your support to, what your Committee believes has become, the best Village Flower Show in the West Country.

P.M. Fisher.


The Christian Aid Collection around Bulkington and Seend raised the excellent sum of £780.53. Gift Aid will raise a further £72.75.
Many, many thanks to all who contributed.



The next Seend Mothers Union Meeting will be on Wednesday, 20th July in the Pavilion at 2.45p.m. The speaker will be from UNICEF.
The tea hostess will be Mrs. Julie Harrison.
Corporate Communion will be on the 27th July in Holy Cross at 9.45a.m.

At the Church Summer Fayre in the Rectory Garden on 9th July the Mothers Union Stall will be for toiletries, etc. Donations for this stall can be left with Rosemary Harding or myself.

26th July is “The Wave of Prayer” - 11.30a.m. – 11.50a.m.

Elizabeth Campbell.

PARISH PICNIC - Saturday 13th August 2005

A Reminder of the Parish Picnic on Saturday, 6th August when families and friends can enjoy a jolly picnic in our lovely churchyard and help with tidying up this very important environment. It is such a large area to keep tidy in the summer months when everything grows very fast, so many hands doing just a little trimming will make a big difference. Bring along your garden shears and clippers, and let’s all have a jolly Gardening Picnic Party! Further details in Lamplight later.

Sylvia Ewin, Hon Sec. Seend P.C.C.


An update.

The various legal steps towards the finalisation of all the actions necessary to achieve this goal are now in their final stages. Completion is planned for late June/early July of this year.

The Officers have been elected with Robin Heatley as the Chairman, Colin Carr, the Treasurer and Graham Hickman, the Secretary.

The Management Committee is now being agreed with the representatives of the various bodies who have plans for the wider development and use of the premises.

The success of this campaign to create a Community Centre, based on the facilities created by the Social Club and be developed to meet the wider needs of the local community, will depend on your ideas, support and encouragement.

Now is the time for you to put forward YOUR suggestions as to how YOU would wish the Community Centre to reflect the needs of the Seend Community and to offer all the assistance you can to make the project a resounding success. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. The prime purpose of the Community Centre is for it to be the focal point of the satisfaction of local needs.

P.M. Fisher.


A few words to express my thanks for all the kind and generous folk who sponsored me on my run in the Bath Half Marathon. Dorothy House tells me that the total sum raised by the sponsored runners raised the magnificent sum of £30,000 for this worthy cause! Not bad for a crazy bunch of people like me! Thank you all again.

Philip Proven.

Wiltshire Astronomical Society 10th Anniversary Social Event.

Come along to a star party with a difference. The Wiltshire Astronomical Society is having an evening where you can come along to an astronomical BBQ, with Live music from the Frampton Footwarmers Jazz Band, Cajun style food and some really cool telescopes through which you can see things in the sky you would have never thought existed! (weather permitting).
Venue: Seend Community Centre. Saturday, 16th July, 2005 at 7.30p.m. Entrance by ticket £10 (Children £5).

Tickets and further information from Philip Proven (828407).


The speaker at our June meeting – ‘The Three Jays’ (Jackie, Janice and Jean) - gave us an entertaining account of their shared hobby of BEADING . They are three very talented ladies whose combined skills produced the most wonderful display of beadwork jewellery. Several members ‘Had-a-Go’ which was most enjoyable but quite demanding on such a warm evening as our hands were getting very sticky! The ladies run workshops and attend craft fairs as well as speaking at W.I. and similar meetings. There was a lovely selection for the competition – ‘A Bead Necklace’ - which was won by Mrs. Florence Rowse.

Our next meeting is on 13th July when the Speaker will be Mrs. Sue King whose subject is ‘Willow’. The competition is ‘Flower of the Month’ and the tea hostess is Mrs. Lucy Hatton.

June was the start of our new 2005-2006 programme. We will have many interesting speakers in the year ahead and there will be a warm welcome for any visitors and new members to our meetings.

Betty Smith.


Saturday, 30th July: The Club’s day out to Hinton Ampner and the Chantry Gardens, Winchester. Do not forget to bring your National Trust Membership Cards for entry to Hinton Ampner. Would those who have not yet paid for this trip, please contact Joe Hardstaff our new Treasurer so that we can be sure of the names of those who intend coming. Joe’s telephone number is 828458. Thank you.

The pick up points are as follows : Woolmer Farm 8.30a.m; Martinslade 8.45a.m; The Bell Inn bus stop 9.00a.m; Seend Stocks 9.15a.m. Please ‘phone Sue Johns if you need to be picked up between any of these points.

Plant & Produce Stall at the Church Fayre on Saturday, 9th July.

Members of the Club will be running this Stall. If you have any plants or produce to give, please bring it along to the Rectory garden during the morning. Many thanks

The Club will also have a similar Stall at the Village Fete & Flower Show on Saturday, 13th August, so please put aside some plants for this too. Offers of help to run this stall would be appreciated. Don’t forget to look after your Busy Lizzies for your entry in the Club Class.

Joyce Brand.

Sales and Wants:

A quantity of stones for constructing garden features, or anything else, going free to anyone who will collect them from Cranbelle, Rusty Lane, Seend.

Sylvia Ewin, 828325.


Usually, the Community Bus AGM is attended by the committee, plus two or three others. This year, the committee was delighted to welcome thirteen members of the public.

Chairman Pete Wallis reported another successful year. But the Shuttle always needs more volunteer drivers – especially as some regular drivers are approaching the age when our insurance policy won’t cover them. Newly retired people, who are free in the daytime, would be particularly welcome. Pete thanked all our existing drivers.

The morning runs to Seend School continue to be popular. However, parents’ car parking can make it difficult to manoeuvre the bus and drop off the children safely at the School. Road markings or other measures to improve the situation will be investigated.

Devizes on Thursdays is still a popular destination, but very few people now use the services to Melksham. The committee has been asked by Bromham Parish Council to consider picking up in Bromham. Whether this is agreed or not, the committee will be drawing up a revised timetable shortly.

The Shuttle also provides a service to take children from the Queensway Centre at St. Michael’s School to the Sports Centre.

Seend Shuttle Mark III should be with us in the autumn. Some of our drivers test drove both a Mercedes and a Volkswagen and unanimously preferred the Volkswagen. Kennet District Council will pay for the basic bus, and we will pay extra for the bus to be adapted to meet our own specifications. There will be no tail lift this time, as it was a very expensive extra and has hardly ever been used. If necessary, it would be cheaper to hire in another bus occasionally if a tail lift is required.

Terry Sleightholme, Treasurer, reported a slight drop in income for the year, partly because the bus was ageing and, therefore, more expensive to maintain. However, our financial position is still very good.

Seend Social Club is hoping to get planning permission to build extra storage space plus a garage for the Community Bus, which would be a great asset.

The existing committee was re-elected en-bloc, with the addition of one new member, Sarah Harris.

Dates for your Diary:

Guitar Recital by Hayley Savage: Talented guitarist and composer, Hayley Savage, whom some of you heard playing as half of Due del Fuego last year, is returning to give a recital at the Pavilion at 7.30p.m. on Saturday, 22nd October. A must for all music lovers! Proceeds will go to the Lye Field and Pavilion.

Lempen Puppet Theatre – The Shapechanger: Our Autumn Rural Arts Wiltshire event is a puppet show for children aged 5 and over (and adults will probably love it too!). It’s the fascinating story of a boy who can change his shape into anything from a lion to a mouse. The performance takes place in the Pavilion at 4.00p.m. on Sunday, 13th November. Watch this space for further details.

Seend Fawlty Players:
As you may have read in the local papers, the Players recently presented cheques of £400 to Dorothy House, £250 to Divizes PHAB Club and £100 to Seend School from the proceeds from last February’s production of ’Sleeping Beauty’.


At the final count we have 170 subscribers for 2005/2006, including 26 first timers – 2 all-time-highs! The amount subscribed is another ‘highest ever’ -
£2,535, which gives the Lye Field £845 leaving £1,690 for prizes. This means there are no 5 prizes per month – £35, £30, £25, £20 and £15 – and 9 prizes at Christmas – £75, £50, £40, £30, £25, £25, £20, £20 and £20. Numbers for the new members – and the current member who requested a number change – listed below.

May, 2005: the draw took place following the Lye Field Committee AGM on Tuesday, 7th June. The winners in the first draw of 2005/2006 are as follows (note the two new member first-time winners!) -
1st prize: £35. Nr. 97. Robin Heatley.
2nd prize: £30. Nr. 123. Mrs. S. Newman – new member.
3rd prize: £25. Nr. 28. Sandra Butler – new member.
4th prize: £20, Nr. 89. Marion Whitehead.
5th prize: £15. Nr. 24. Nick Haines.

Numbers for new members:
Mr. & Mrs. J.M.Green 195; Mrs. H. Hook. Mrs.J.Ransted 163;
Mr.AM Bolton 63,132; Mrs J & Mr N Vaux 155,79; Mr.T Sleightholme152;
MrJHB Dent 168,187; MrC Cooper 170; LtColAL&MrsAHill 198.146;
MrsS&MrDNichols 173,71; MrsJEGoddard 199; Mrs.SNewman 123;
Mrs S Butler 28; Mr.H.Russell 192; Mrs.L.Puntis 117;
MrsN&MrJMiller 76,99; MsTDelamere 101,167;
MrP&MrsC Williams 110.44; Mr.R.Sawyer 38 (was 55);

Berni Prolze.


16 walkers attended a walk organised by Ron and Rita Apted on Sunday, 22nd May which commenced from the car park at Nockatt Coppice opposite the magnificent walk way leading to Heavens Gate, where upon we looked over the vast Longleat Estate and House. We continued uphill to walk the splendid driveway in. The rhododendrons were a picture and the fragrance awesome.

But, unfortunately, as we reached the main entrance on leaving and making our way towards Shearwater, the ‘heavens’ opened, and a stop to get our waterproofs on, became necessary. Showers remained with us as we followed forest tracks to reach the lake at Shearwater, stopping for a damp picnic under the trees beside the lake. The last stretch back through woodland, was even ‘wetter’ as the rain came down in torrents, the site of an ice cream vendor when we reached the car park was a welcoming sight.

Apart from the disappointing weather, the scenery and location for Ron’s walk was great, thanks to both Ron and Rita for their organising.

Monday, 18th July – walk in Berwick-St.James area. Meet Rusty Lane 3.15p.m. On arrival at Berwick, we shall take tea and biscuits at the Centre before commencing a leisurely stroll at 4.30p.m. around Langford Lake, the property of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. This walk will be flat and an opportunity for members to bring their binoculars and take in the nature inhabitants thereon.

A Bar-b-Que style meal will follow at 7.00p.m. Catering is organised by Friends of Berwick at a charge of £6.50 per head. Members unable to make the afternoon walk can join us later at 7.00p.m. for the meal. Anne has organised this event for our Club for many years now and they are always very much enjoyed. Please can you let Anne Salter know whether you are coming to this function by Sunday, 10th July, so that she is able to contact her catering ladies and make the necessary food requirements. Anne’s ‘phone number is 01380 828502.

Friday Evening, 22nd July – Meet in Rusty Lane at 5.30p.m. for a fairly local walk of approximately 5½ miles, led by Bob Howe.

Sunday, 31st July – Meet in Rusty Lane at 9.30a.m. for a walk to start at the eastern car park on Westbury White Horse. The distance is approximately
5 ¾ miles. The route follows the top of the escarpment of Salisbury Plain with extensive views to the north. The route then follows the low ground back through Lower Bratton. Completing the walk by climbing the north face of the Salisbury Plain scarp (steep, but not too severe!), Walk organiser – Mr. Gordon Reed. Bring refreshments.

Lin Salter.


Spotlight Editor: Mrs Lilian Smallshaw - Telephone: 828540
Page Last Updated: 3 September 2005

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