Bulkington Village Hall – a Community Achievement.

Bulkington Village Hall started life in the early 1800’s as a Methodist Chapel before becoming the Village Hall in the 1970’s. Problems began some two years ago when the floor was declared unsafe and estimated repairs were set at £14,000. However, when suggestions of possible demolition arose, a number of determined villagers decided that come what may, the hall would be saved and refurbished to high standards.

In addition to the faulty floor it was thought that there might be some vermin infestation and there was the even bigger problem of a lack of any funds. The floor was condemned, insurance was withdrawn and the hall was closed. In November of 2003 a small committee under the chairmanship of Neville Boulton was formed and the first fund raising was an Auction of Promises which raised £1,800. The basic materials required to replace the floor would cost £600.

The first phase of work was to take out the old floor. Following this, major excavations were required in order to bring the level of the new floor to a height appropriate for the Disability Discrimination Act. Additionally, the old panelling around the inner walls was also removed. The soil to be removed was tested by the Environmental Health Department and declared clean and much sweat and toil followed when 400 barrows of soil were dug out and removed. The next stage was to put in concrete foundations followed by five brick walls that would support the new floor. With these in place, the floor timbers were laid and aided by the generosity of one of the villagers who provided a commercial sanding machine, the new wood was prepared to a high standard. It then received three coats of very high quality varnish. Another major job was accomplished when the interior walls were re-plastered with some two and a half tons of material.

The work was certified as sound and safe and the village again had a hall that could be used. Unfortunately, further money was also needed. At Christmas 2003, £600 was raised from people boarding Great Bulkington Railway trains to visit Father Christmas in his Grotto. Father Christmas also appeared in the guise of Community First who donated a grant of £1,000.

During the train rides the hall successfully became the station buffet. The ladies involved in the exercise noticed the bare interior walls and declared their intentions of decorating the lower areas of these walls. This they duly did but they had to rely upon Melvin Difford to provide and climb scaffolding in order to paint the higher reaches.

All of this has taken time and used up much of the money raised. A repeat train exercise in Christmas 2004 raised another £800 while again, in the process gave a lot of pleasure to many people. There is still a fair amount of work to be completed. One of the outside walls has been pointed with a lime stone mix and two of the other walls need the same treatment. The toilets also have to be refurbished.
This is a good example of what a small community can achieve when they are determined to save an asset they treasure. So many people helped and laboured in so many ways and it is impossible to name them individually but without doubt, the village owes them many, many thanks for their efforts.


Bulkington Village Hall Annual General Meeting 08th March 2005

AGM of Bulkington Village Hall will be held on 08th March 2005 at 7:30 pm in your village hall. The committee will be pleased to offer our supporters (and critics!) a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. We offer a warm welcome everybody together with their opinions, criticisms and support. Thanks to the efforts of your committee and the hard working villagers that supported us, we now have our new floor, the east wall has been re-pointed and paid for. We have funds and plans for making the toilets suitable for invalids and expect to have an disabled access ramp in the near future. You can vote there –attend Parish council meetings – even do PT and line dancing. We do need your moral support, ideas and opinions – so please come along.

Nev Boulton Chairman Bulkington Village Hall Committee

Train Rides To See Santa

Over the Christmas Holidays the Great Bulkington Railway ran on four separate occasions entertaining a total of some 500 children and adults with trips to see Santa. I am happy to report that a little over £800 was raised for the Bulkington Village Hall Restoration Funds despite some really terrible cold wet weather on ‘Steam Day’ December 18th. Happily most of our passenger arrived suitable clothed and every one appeared to enjoy themselves on the trains. Subsequently most of the adults gratefully quaffed a glass of mulled wine in the welcome warmth of the Village Hall whilst their children opened their Christmas gifts from Santa.
On the Boxing Day Run - 97 hot sausages on sticks were eaten!
I would like to thank all the workers, supporters, parents, grand parents and families that patronised our events despite the appalling weather.
See you all at the Village Fete on July 2nd 2005.

Nev Boulton, Chief Engineer G B R.

I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day-
I had so much to accomplish that I didn’t have time to pray.
Problems just tumbled about me and heavier came each task
“Why doesn’t God help me?” I wondered. He answered, “you didn’t ask”.
I wanted to see joy and beauty but the day toiled on grey and bleak
I wondered why God didn’t show me he said, “but you didn’t seek.”
I tried to come into God’s presence I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided “my child , you didn’t knock”.
I woke up early this morning and paused before entering the day.
I had so much to accomplish that I had to take time to pray.

Author Unknown -Found in a old book by Thelma.

REMINDER: The ladies’ gentle musical exercise classes take place every Wednesday at 7 PM evening in Bulkington Village Hall.
Only £4 – cheaper and more fun than alterations or new clothes!

Weekly Line Dancing Classes re-commence Monday 21st of February.
Come on Ladies – some of you must surely long for the sylph like figure of your long lost youth!

Thelma (828 101)

Bulkington Clay Pigeon Shoot will take place on The Drove (couple of hundred yards down the lane, opposite the Tipsy Toad and over the bridge) at 10AM on 6th February. Come along and test your shooting abilities – Beginners welcome – Guns, cartridges and skilled tuition supplied – two different stands.
Only £5 per 15 shots (including clays). Prize of two chickens for the highest score!
Details – telephone: Oliver Coles 07980 686 383 – in aid of the Village Hall Restoration Fund.


Now that the new year is here, we’re looking forward to a varied and interesting programme in 2005. Firstly on Thursday, 27th January, we’ll be celebrating the Chinese New Year (the year of the rooster) with a meal and entertainment in the Village Hall. Then, on 24th February local historian John Girvan will be describing the hidden secrets underground in Devizes, the subject of his recent book, in his usual informative and entertaining style.

We meet on the last Thursday of every month, New ladies are very welcome, either occasionally or on a regular basis.

For more information, or a copy of our programme for 2005, please ring Geraldine on 01380 828 664.

MOTHERS UNION, Wednesday, 9th February 11.30a.m.

‘Ash Wednesday Meeting with hot lunch at Keevil Village Hall. Guest speaker Revd. Selina Deacon from the Westbury Team Ministry. Proceeds to Mothers Union Overseas Fund. Everyone most welcome.

CHURCH CLEANING: February - Mrs. Webb.

CHURCH FLOWERS: - Sunday, 6th February – Mrs. Elliott.

As Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 9th February, there will be no more Church flowers for the six weeks leading up to Easter – when a new flower rota will be posted in the Church.

A special thank you to all the Flower Ladies who decorated the Church so beautifully for the Christmas services. At this very busy time of year, your time and effort was very much appreciated.

With love and thanks.


A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who joined our happy band of pilgrims carol singing around the village. It also gave us a chance to see some of your lovely illuminations A very special thank you to John and Joan Champion, who once again provided us with a supper worth singing for! So good we never want to leave.

Thanks to your wonderful generosity we raised £120.77p. For Child Line.
Fantastic. Thank you all


We hope to have some more sessions of Line Dancing in Bulkington Village Hall starting on Monday, 21st February. Any age, any stage. An evening of fun for £3 from 7.00p.m. – 9.30p.m.

Please ring to confirm Liz Futter on 828485.


– Saturday, 12th February, 12 noon, in Bulkington Village Hall.

Come along for a romantic lunch time interlude, and try our selection of lovingly prepared soups, guaranteed to warm your heart! Bring & Buy and Raffle.

Go on – bring your sweetheart and share a spoon! Tickets available soon.



On the front of a piano is a panel that is situated below the keys and it covers the controls operated by the foot pedals. That is, apart from the piano in Seend Church. For some inexplicable reason somebody has taken the panel which, in all probability, will not fit any other such instrument.

We would very much like to see it returned to its rightful place unless somebody can give a very sound and logical reason as to why their needs are compellingly stronger than ours. (dictionary definition of “Inexplicable” :- incapable of being explained or accounted for).



The next meeting of Seend Mothers Union will be on Wednesday, 16th February at 2.45p.m. in the Pavilion.

Our speaker will be Mrs. Kath Cleaver talking about “My time in Africa”. The tea hostess will be Mrs. Patricia Hicks.

We will be serving refreshments at the Seend Pantomime on Saturday, 19th February.

Corporate Communion is on Wednesday, 23rd February at 9.45a.m.


I know that there are those of you in Seend who care about the situation in Africa. This is the year that many organisations are encouraging us – the public, to take action to try and get the G8 countries to change the unfair trade rules. If you would like to do something then join me in the back room of the Brewery at 8.00p.m. on Monday 7th February.

Geraldine (Beatty) 828059.


Fete Day this year is Saturday, 13th August and the committee, comprising the ‘survivors’ from Fete 2004, Mary Gray, Roger Brind, Brian Hunt, Neil Yockney and me, Bernie Prolze, plus two new members, Susan Nichols and Jo Vaux has already started work.

One of our first priorities is to find the prizes for the TOMBOLA. This has traditionally been a fairly slow process, meandering through the Spring and early Summer, causing occasional surges of panic as Fete day approaches. It would be really good this year if we could get the donations rolling in as early as possible, thus giving us (me!) one less thing to worry about. Any unwanted or surplus Christmas gifts will find a good home with us, as will any item which you feel would make a suitable prize. Just call 828391 and I will call round and collect it. I’m waiting for your call even as you read this.

Bernie Prolze.


At the Club’s December meeting, Don Everitt gave a seasonal journey from October through the Spring, showing all the many plants that would light up all parts of the garden, especially during the darkest days of winter. Altogether a well rounded talk..

The competition for a Christmas Cracker was won by Margaret Coley and Leo’s touch of humour was a cheese cracker.

Roger Allen gave a brief run down of the projected visit to France next June, from 29th June to the 3rd July. The itinerary is not yet fixed, but we aim to visit Monet’s garden and some of the following : St. Jean de Beauregarde, Bagatelle Rose Gardens. Jardin d’ Angelique, Les jardins de Valloines, Benedictine Distillery at Fecamp, free time in Honfleur and a visit to Pere Magloires for a Calvados tasting: there should also be time available for shopping.

The visit will be centred on Evreux. If you are interested in coming, please contact Roger on 1380 828 493 for full details, he will need to know whether you want a double or single room or a twin bedded room. Friends and family are welcome to come with you. A list was put out at the December meeting and considerable interest was shown, so don’t delay.

On 8th February, Richard Whitehead aims to give us a talk on “G.M.CROPS”
The competition will be for a decorated hat. Real or artificial flowers may be used.

Joyce Brand.


For a chilling and exciting evening on Friday, 25th November. John Girvan took a party of ramblers and friends on a ‘Ghostly’ experience around Devizes. His stories and tales of bygone years made fascinating listening, spooky encounters in grave yards and passages, to members actually handling and experiencing the energies obtained from the use of dowsing rods!!

Sunday, 28th November: - in the region of 15 walkers did a distance of 7 miles, commencing from the Wharf in Devizes. Bob Howe led the group along the canal towpath towards Coate, back to Roundway Down to Devizes via Quakers Walk.

Monday, 27th December – 10 ramblers supported Sue Noad who organised this Christmas walk from the ‘Barge’ in Seend across fields towards Semington. Stopping off at Littleton Willows for mince pies and mulled wine en route. It was interesting to view the new aqueduct in Semington. The route then took us back along the towpath to Seend.

Saturday, 1st January, 2005 – Happy New Year to all who read our report.
Pam and Derek Chapman organised a 5 mile walk which 14 members enjoyed. We started from the pub car park in Bishops Cannings walking out of the village onto the Wansdyke path, passing Harepath Farm. From Horton Bridge we continued to walk the towpath back to Bishops Cannings.

A walk is organised for Sunday, 23rd January Leader: Gerald Salter (01225 7064511). Bring your own refreshments, the walk no longer than 6/7 miles. Meet in Rusty Lane at 9.30a.m.

Please note the change of date for the February walk. Last months issue of Spotlight indicated Saturday, 19th. This has now been changed to Sunday, 20th February (which proves more convenient to most). Leaders: Jill Godwin and Marion Salter. Meet in Rusty Lane at 10.00a.m. The walk will commence from Steeple Ashton Church. Interestingly known as the ‘coffin’ walk takes in fields and country lanes for a distance of 5 miles. Moderate to easy. Bring refreshments should you so wish. (01380 828375),

The walk for March is on Sunday, 20th. Leaders: Penny and Ron England. Meet 10.00a.m. in Rusty Lane. Further details to follow in next issue.

Lin Salter.

TRUE but the “not what I really meant” column!

A lady broadcaster from a Scottish local radio station was announcing the weather forecast. It predicted heavy rain and flooding. She finished by saying “if you are passing water today, please do so with extreme caution”.

And – actually overheard by Madame Editor when on a previous holiday in Canada : The announcer opened with “This is the Canadian Broadcorping Castration”.

100+ Club:

Draw results for November and December, 2004.
November, 2004: Following the 1st meeting of the Fete, 2005 Committee in the Pavilion on the 29th November, the draw was made by members of the Committee. The lucky winners are:
1st Prize: £35. Nr. 42 Mrs. Brenda Goodier.
2nd Prize: £30. Nr. 115. Mrs. Pat Fisher.
3rd Prize: £20 Nr. 55. Roy Sawyer.
4th Prize: £15. Nr. 100 Mrs. May Ferris.

December, 2005. Following the quarterly meeting of the Lye Field Committee, Dave Sawyer conducted the 100+ Club draw, which was drawn by members of the committee. As this is the richest draw of the year – a total of £400 in prizes – were 12 worthwhile prizes! The lucky winners were as follows :
1st Prize: £75 Nr. 203. Philip Proven.
2nd Prize: £50 Nr. 61. Mrs. Pat Hawkins.
3rd Prize: £45 Nr. 7 Mrs. Joan Savage.
4th Prize: £30 Nr. 65. Mr. Joe Hardstaff.
5th Prize: £30 Nr. 1. Mr. Norman Pike.
6th Prize: £30 Nr. 47, Dave Sawyer.
7th Prize: £25 Nr. 162. Mrs. J. Rogers.
8th Prize: £25. Nr. 128. Mr. Roger Allen.
9th Prize: £25 Nr. 142. Colin Waldeck.
10th Prize: £25 Nr. 18. Mrs. S. Hinton.
11th Prize: £20 Nr. 75. S.B. ’Von’ Letts.
12th Prize: £20 Nr. 43. Mrs. B. Mattock.

An early reminder: Don’t forget that this year, 2005, is the first year in which we start the 100= YEAR IN May (instead of September as previously). In April, all present subscribers to the 100= Club will be receiving a personal invitation to renew their subscription for a further 12 months. As the same time, a subscription form will be enclosed in the April issue of Spotlight to enable those who do not yet subscribe, to apply for membership. But to help you to focus your thoughts on the need for even more subscribers (155 at present). Facts and figures about the 100+ Club and the work it supports will appear in all future editions of Spotlight until May.

If you can’t wait, call me – Bernie Prolze, on 01380 828391 – and I’ll answer all your questions.


The next Rural Arts event will be on Saturday, 9th April at 7.30p.m. in the Pavilion. For something quite different, we’ve booked “Spindle Wayfarer”. Their telling of “Stories from the Wild Wood” is intended for adults, but will also appeal to older children. Tickets are £6 or £3 for children and people on benefits – or £15 for a family ticket for two adults and two children.

Ring Tessa on 01380 828 617.


Seend Fawlty Players 26th panto on 17 – 19 February in Seend Social Club looks set to meet our usual standards! Seriously though, don’t miss this major theatrical event of the year Our Sleeping Beauty broke her leg playing rugby a few weeks ago, so it could be the first ever production of Sleeping Beauty on crutches. Never say ‘break a leg’ to a thespian again!

Tickets are £4, or £2 for children and pensioners, available from Seend Shop and Post Office, Seend Social Club and the Brewery Inn, Seend Cleeve. See insert in SPOTLIGHT for details .

Panto Refreshments: I’m still looking for an individual or an organisation to co-ordinate refreshments for the three performance evenings. It‘s not a huge job – involving liasing with members of the W.I. and Mothers Union and individual volunteers – but as I’m usually busy with box office, programme printing and learning my lines, I’d really rather pass it on to someone else! Please ring me (Tessa) on 828617 if you can help. Thanks.

Panto Raffle: The organisation which will be running raffles on the panto performance nights this year are Social Club (Thursday), School (Friday), and Lye Field (Saturday). If you support these organisations, please donate raffle prizes to them. Thanks.


Newly retired or working part time? Got time to spare? We’re always looking for new volunteer drivers to help out on the daytime scheduled services now and then and for people who can do an occasional private hire journey in the evenings and /or weekends. It’s really quite an enjoyable way to support this valuable village asset. If you can help, please ring Peter Wallis on 828757.

Don’t forget the first- Wednesday-of-the-month shopping trips, usually to Bath or Salisbury. ‘Phone Terry on 828203 for details.

The Shuttle timetable, along with many other wonderful things can be viewed on


By the time that you are reading this, Seend Social Club will have held an Extraordinary General Meeting that will define the future of the Club. A decision will be made regarding conversion to charitable status – a momentous moment in the Club‘s history. More in next months Spotlight.


Singles Snooker Competition: Don’t forget to get your name up on the list which will be available early in the New Year to challenge for the title of Seend Social Club Singles Snooker Champion Competition will start in February.

Panto time – Thursday, 17th February to Saturday 19th February.
Seend Social Club is proud to host Seend Fawlty Players adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty – it promises to be magnificent production. Tickets on sale in the New Year. Mixed Pairs Skittles – Saturday, 12th February.

Come on you skittlers (or non skittlers) - grab a partner and challenge for the right to have your name on the board of honour!! Always a fun night out, so come and join us – list for names will be available shortly.

Quiz Night – Saturday, 28th February:

Come along and pit your wits. Teams of up to four people – £10.00 per team entry. 8.00p.m. start – prompt.

Saturday, 12th March is Race Night;

A fantastic night out with our auctioneer and race master, Jim Noad. Bet as much or as little as you want – tote starts at 25p. So you don’t have to break the bank.
Loads of fun and laughs = First race 8.00p.m. prompt. “Lets Go Racing”

Singles Skittles –Saturday, 2nd April:

Another chance for honours at Seend Social Club with the singles skittles competition – Ladies and Gents. Come and have a great night out.

Saturday, 16th April is Show Night – Staying Alive:

Back by popular demand, this Bee Gees tribute band is first class entertainment – if you didn’t get there first time round, make sure you don’t miss it this time. Tickets will be in short supply, so let Sam Sainsbury know if you are interested.

Saturday, 30th April, 2005 – Seend Beer Festival:

This will be Seend’s 5th Beer Festival and it just goes from strength to strength –
This year the selection of beers is being increased to over 30, including a range of ciders. And as always, there will be plenty of live entertainment – we have secured the excellent Outhouse Critics once again, but this time for the evening session and the afternoon will feature a fantastic contemporary folk band called Black Sheep.
The pig man has promised not to run out of buns and there will be more variety of food on offer. Come along – you know it’ll be a good one – it’s an event in Seend’s calendar that is not to be missed.

Club Dinner – Saturday, 21st May, 2005:

Get the date in your diary for a fantastic night out.

Looking for a Venue?

As many of you know, the Club is a fantastic venue for partiesChristenings and weddings, etc., and provides great value for money. If you are interested in making a booking, please contact Stan Wiltshire on 01380 828559 for availability and prices.


Visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum – Yeovilton:
A visit to Yeovilton is being arranged on Friday, 22nd April, 2005. The cost of entry to the Museum is £5 but in order to finalise the cost, the numbers attending needs to be known. If only a small number of people want to go, travel will be by Shuttle and/or private cars, in which case cost will be minimal. However, if a large number of people want to go, a coach will be hired and it is anticipated that the cost of this would be in the region of £7.50 per head.
Anyone wishing to go should inform ROGER BRIND on 828830 as soon as possible and no later than 28th February.


Warning order:
This year’s “Dugout Supper” will be replaced by a “60th” Anniversary of VE Day Supper”, which will be held in the Social Club on Saturday, 14th May, 2005.
Entertainment will be provided by a “Big Band”, with an area available for “Dancing”.
Please put this date in your diaries now (cost will be £25.00 per couple) and watch this space for further details.

The Seend & District Link Scheme: Tel: 01389 828190.
9.00a.m. to 4.30p.m. Monday to Friday. Care and Transport to people in Need.


During the preparation of this issue of Spotlight, the Daily Telegraph has received several amusing letters from readers explaining how, mainly in the past, they have overcome the nuisance of intrusive insects such as flies and wasps. Seemingly one popular method was to use old steel gramophone needles which were fired from a small gun.
The father of Spotlight editor’s assistant had an air rifle. He would fasten two elastic bands together and then stretch them between the front sight and the back sight of the rifle. He would wait for a fly to settle, aim the rifle and when sighted on the target he would gently thumb the elastic from the back sight. The elastic bands would then shoot across towards the fly. In order to placate his wife and to avoid making a mess on the wall he aimed at the fly’s legs!

Spotlight Editor: Mrs Lilian Smallshaw - Telephone: 828540
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