The front cover of this issue might be deemed to be slightly unusual because the people in the picture all have their backs to the camera. The reality is that the item of interest is not the people but the building they are viewing. The people in the picture are all members of the Seend & District Gardening Club and were enjoying a few happy days in Normandy.
Built some four hundred years ago it is actually a pigeon house with enough niches, or nesting spaces, for 4, 500 birds. When built, the reasoning was that it would provide food and other benefits for the family and the estate workers at the Chateau of Saint-Jean de Beauregard. Around fifty people would have been involved.

The building is over 12 1/2 metres, or around forty-two to forty-three feet high. Inside and in the middle of the building, and reaching from floor to ceiling, is a vertical, one piece beam of oak. Towards the bottom and top of the shaft are wooden cross pieces that extend to within centimetres or inches, of the nesting boxes. At the two ends of these cross pieces are vertical wooden ladders that reach as high as the highest row of nests. The bottom of the centre shaft, which weighs some two tonnes, lies on a piece of lead crimped into a big stone. The whole construction is finely balanced and can be turned by finger tip pressure. Eggs and birds could be collected from these ladders.

The building is no longer in use but in its hey-day it required four men to choose the pigeons that were to be cooked and to collect the eggs, thus providing eggs and meat for the rest of the estate. When in use the pigeon house was reportedly both hot and smelly, smelly because obviously there would be lots of bird droppings. Additionally, materials collected by the birds for nesting purposes would also fall to the ground. This material, known as columbine, was an important by-product because it was the only means of enriching the soil in the vegetable garden which had to produce enough fruit and vegetables for fifty people.

The pigeons inhabiting this building were different from the common grey pigeons found today. They were smaller and originated from the Middle East, being brought back by the Crusaders. The present pigeon would not live in such a building with so many other pigeons.


The Seend Mothers Union has been invited to join Rowde for their Garden Party on the 3rd August, weather permitting. If wet the party will be held in the Village Hall.

17th August Seend Mothers Union will have their own party at Burnham Cottage, High Street, Seend, again weather permitting. If wet this will be held in the Pavilion. The guest of honour will be the Revd. J. Hiscox, Deanery Chaplain.
24th August: Corporate Communion.
8th September Annual Deanery Market Stall in the Brittox, Devizes.
24th September M.U. Meeting. "The Speaker will be Mrs. Jeannie Gye" telling us about the "Daylight Trust". tea hostess: Mrs. Margaret Coley.
28th September: Corporate Communion.



The weather was fairly kind to us - not being too hot and we had a good crowd of visitors. The Reverend Sacha Pearce introduced Heather Skull from Radio Wiltshire who kindly opened the proceedings. As both ladies expressed a fondness for a good pint - they were then escorted off to the station refreshment room! The stalls did well after a slow start and the
children enjoyed the inflated slide. The more daring children had a go on the trampoline whilst the rest of them rode on the various steam and electric trains around the garden. Altogether we gave rides to some 320 children during the 269 trips around the track. We had a new and welcome visitor to our fete - Police Community Support Officer Sam Enness who has expressed a liking for Earl Grey Tea! The Phoenix Band from Hungerford played some beautiful music and it was so nice to see some of our younger visitors just sitting on the grass fascinated by the musicians. Thanks to our visitors, 1 understand that £1025 finished up in the church coffers and £250 went to the village hall restoration funds.

The Great Bulkington Railway.

The next appearance of the portable railway will be at Seend Fete on August 13th and we are presently planning the 'Train Rides to See Santa' on Saturday December 17th - bookings will be taken after the first of December. Don't forget the village hall can be hired for children's birthday parties and for a modest fee - train rides too!

Nev Boulton, chief platelayer 828 101.

Bulkington Village Hall

I am pleased to report that most of the refurbishment to our hall is now completed. The concrete sloping ramp and safety rail are complete and both toilets have new non-skid floors and fresh paint. We may have to put a speed limit on the ramp to stop Bob's high-speed dashes up it in his posh new electric gadabout! The south facing wall remains to be re-pointed possibly with a new window inserted to allow more sunlight into the hall. Thanks to Roger Futter the drains have been cleared. We are entertaining the children from Chemobyl on July 29th with rides on the trains and a party. I would like to remind everyone that we have a Village Hall Committee Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 17th August at 8: 15 PM - be delighted to see 'non-committee people' there!

Nev Boulton, Chairman.


We extend our sincere thanks to Nev. and Thelma for hosting our Fete last month. Much hard work and organisation on their part ensured us the perfect setting in their beautiful garden to enjoy a wonderful afternoon, along with the Great Bulkington Railway, and all Nev's friends who worked so hard to bring so much enjoyment to so many families.

Our special thanks also to Heather Skull from BBC Radio Wiltshire who kindly opened the Fete, with her special message on how important it was for rural communities to work together to keep village life thriving, and also to Sacha, our Rector, for her support and calling the Raffle!

Thanks also to everyone who worked so hard to get the Fete up and running, to all the helpers, supporters and everyone who donated items for the stalls. We must also thank the Wadworth Shire Horses who gave so much pleasure giving rides up and down the village and also thanks to the Maypole Dancers of Keevil School who charmed us once again with their lovely dancing!

Well done, and THANK YOU ALL!

Andie Elliott.

Bulkington Ladies;

The ladies enjoyed an idyllic safari supper at Stourhead last month. We started with champagne and canapes at the house, and then strolled to the restaurant for our main course. Desserts were eaten overlooking the lake during what was a perfect June summer evening.

Our next get-together (Thursday, 28th July) is kindly being hosted by Thelma and Nev in their garden, with food and wine, train rides and some music to put us in the party mood, so please come and join us. We are also looking forward to an interesting Bat Walk around Lacock on Tuesday, 16th August (unfortunately no more tickets are available for this event). Our September meeting will take place on Thursday, 28th - watch the notice board for further details.

Geraldine (828664).


The recent collection for Dr. Barnardo's raised £120 in Bulkington. Thank you all for your support and generosity also grateful thanks to Margaret Foster for her help collecting the envelopes.

Liz Futter.

Bulkington Mother's Union; Tuesday. 9th August - 7.30p.m.
Mary Sumner Day Service at St. James Church, Trowbridge, followed by refreshments.

Saturday, 13th August - 3.30p.m.
Cream Tea at Rosemary's Pine Cottage, Martins Road, KeeviL In aid of M U Holiday Fund.

Wednesday. 24th August- 10.30a.m.
Deanery Coffee Morning at Keevil Village Hall. Bring & Buy and Raffle. In aid of M.U. Overseas Funds.

Wednesday. 28th September - 10.30a.m.
Coffee Morning at Andie Elliot's, Home Farm, Bulkington.
Bring & Buy and Raffle. In aid of our own M.U. Funds. Lunch together

Bulkington Church Flowers:

Sunday 7th & 14th August - Mrs. Topp.
Sunday 21st & 28th August - Mrs. Difford.
Sunday 4th & 11th September - Mrs. Forsey.
Sunday 18th & 25th September - Mrs. Griffin.

If any of these dates are inconvenient or you have a problem with your turn, please contact Andie Elliott (828277).

Church Cleaning;
August - Mrs. Webb.
September - Mrs. Raby-Cox.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday. 14th September at 8.15p.m. in Bulkinton Village Hall.


Join the Great Cycle Ride, Saturday, 10th September, 2005.

This is a sponsored bike ride or walk (or pony trek!) around the churches and chapels to raise money for the church of your choice and Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust. Plan your own route between 10.00a.m. and 6.00p.m. For more details and sponsor forms contact Liz Futter (828485). We are also looking for stewards to sign sponsor forms at our churches. If you could spare an hour or so that day, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Sunday. 28th August - 6.00p.m.
Come to an annual service at Christ Church, Bulkington Churchyard giving thanks for creation, and the pleasure our pets bring us. Please bring your pet - all animals welcome, large or small.


Bulkington's Liz Futter.

For over thirty years, Liz has been a good friend and neighbour, and to write this tribute is an easy task, as I have admired her for the special qualities which she radiates through our community.

Liz was bom and raised in Norfolk, and later attended Hull University, where she gained a degree in mathematics followed by a year of teacher training. Liz began her teaching career in Lincoln where she met Roger and they were married in 1967. Following their honeymoon in Scotland, they came straight to Wiltshire to begin new careers - Liz at Devizes Grammar School.

For a while they lived under canvas in a field at Seend, while they looked around the area for their dream home! Settling in Bulkington, Liz later gave up teaching to raise their three children, and it was during this time Liz was able to get out and about, mixing with other young mums and families, joining the Young Wives Group in Keevil and beginning her membership at Christ Church, Bulkington.

When Seend Playgroup was formed, Liz attended the first ever session with her son, Duncan, and so began her long association with the playgroup, culminating today in the position of Playgroup Supervisor, where her patience and teaching skills, and her dedicated staff has nurtured so many pre-school children with learning, love and laughter, along the path to full-time education.

With her children's attendance at Keevil School, Liz again formed a strong link with the school which remains to this day, beginning with cookery classes for the children back in 1978, and also learning to play a recorder at the same time as her children! Liz now teaches the recorder to the pupils at Keevil School, and over the years has served on the PTA, and is now one of the governors, after successfully lobbying for a Bulkington representative.

A true Christian in every aspect of her life, Liz has made a huge contribution to Christ Church, Bulkington, serving on the PCC, Treasurer for 30 years, and managing to relinquish the job on agreeing to become Church Warden in 2001! She is also a member of the choir. Liz gives freely of her time with the younger members of the Church, encouraging them at Easter Workshops, Nativity plays and bringing their musical talents together with recorders at our family services.

A dedicated Charity worker, Liz has collected for Dr. Barnardo's for nearly 30 years, and has taken part in Historic Churches Cycle Rides since 1984, only missing two!

Liz's own hobbies are many and include Yoga, Badminton and Keep-fit, but her great love is Hand-bell Ringing and writing music. Joining Seend Handbells in 1989, now known as "Serendipity", Liz has performed with the group at many venues around the country, the highlight being a trip to Canada last August for the World Hand-bell Ringers Symposium, where they joined over 700 ringers at a concert in Toronto.

What little 'spare' time Liz has, you can usually find her in her lovely garden, filled with an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables, and she's even admitted to making jam at 10.30 at night!

How does Liz manage to juggle all these wonderful works and find the energy to keep going? She confided that a 'cat-nap' after lunch works wonders -that is, if she's got time!

I am sure that many of you, like me, would agree that it is a pleasure and privilege to know Liz, and how indebted we are for all her many contributions to our community.

Andie Elliott.

The "not quite what I meant to say" column:

Allegedly true statements sent by tenants of Council properties in a certain London Borough -
"1 am writing on behalf of my sink, which is coming away from the wall"
"50% of the walls are damp, 50% have crumbling and 50% are plain filthy!
"This is to let you know that our fence is broke. Also our lavatory seat is broke and we can't get BBC 2".


Friday. 30th September - 10.30a.m. 'till 12 noon. W.I. Hall, Rusty Lane. Seend. Coffee - Bring & Buy - Raffle.

This is a very worthy cause and it is hoped this year that people will call in for a coffee and chat and may be bring something for the Bring & Buy stall. There will also be a good raffle. Donations can be left with Elizabeth Campbell, Burnham Cottage, High Street, Seend, Miss Ruth Body, Row Lane, Mrs. Buckely, Seend Stocks, Janet Bryan or Joan Green in the Cleeve. We look forward to seeing you.

Joan Green.


Sharon and Mel (from Seend Post Office & Village Shop) have successfully completed the 'Race for Life. Although there was more walking than running, we still raised £430 towards Cancer Research.

May we take this opportunity to thank all those who sponsored us.

WEA Seend Branch:

This autumn the Further Education course is entitled NATURAL DISASTERS. It will give students a much better idea of the frequency of disaster events, and look at what causes them and why.

The study group will meet in the upstair room of Seend Social Club in Rusty Lane from 7.30 to 9.15p.m. There will be 8 weekly sessions starting on Monday, 10th October. The tutor will be John Willmonth and the cost will be £32 for the complete course. Everyone welcome.

Don and Heather Hyde.


Retired Primary Head teacher with 40 years experience offers private tuition to KS1 and KS2 long or short term. All levels of ability including special needs. Term time only. Close liaison with your child's teacher expected and welcome.

all Mrs. Jackie Merivale (01380 828395) for informal inquiry/discussion.


The Fete is - depending on when you read this - 2 to 3 weeks away. If it's not yet marked on the calendar, do it now - you won't want to miss this year's event! As 1 write this, the sun is blazing down from a bright blue sky –just the weather we want for the Big Day.

The sale of programmes has gone/is going well, but if you still don't have yours, they are available at the Seend Post Office & Stores and will also be available on the 13th. Remember, every programme gives you free entry to the Lucky Programme draw, the 1st prize for which is a day pass for 6 to Centre Parcs at Longleat. Fantastic!

I make a last appeal for Tombola Prizes and Toys - call me on 828391 -Bottles (Roger Brind, 828830), and Books (Ann Hunt, 828581). Jo Vaux is waiting for your Cakes and Pastries so call her on 828970). The Church Fayre had a 'Decorate a Cake' stall for the youngsters which was a great success, so we are looking for lots and lots (and lots) of small fairy cakes on which the kids can smear icing and sprinkle 100s of 1, 000s. Call me on 828391 and 1 will arrange to collect them.
Parking is as usual on the Lye Field and on the field on Spout Lane. If local residents could use the Spout Lane park and leave the Lye Field for visitors unfamiliar with the village, that would be really good. Parking for disabled is also on the Lye Field.

This year we start a little earlier than usual, the Floats assembling in Dial Close at 12.30p.m. At 1.00p.m. the Parade sets off down the High Street, led by Majorettes from Trowbridge and Devizes and the pulsating rhythms from their sound system. At 1.15p.m. our Fete Princess opens the Fete and the fun begins - with performances from the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics, Mr. Snuffy's Magic Show, the Downtown 6 Dixieland Jazz band, Ray Prior's Falcons, and as a finale, another performance from the Trowbridge Metalicas & Devizes Dazzlers.

The Lye Field is a recreation area used for sports and play activities, and is normally a dog-free zone, but on Fete days, you are welcome to bring your dog with you. Please keep your pet under control and clear up when necessary; poop bags are available on request at the Pavilion and a bin is provided for disposal purposes.

Very early in the morning of the 13th, the Field will be a hive of activity as we set up the tents, stalls, gazebos, and games which are the basis of the Fete. Feel free to join us, you'll be very welcome. And don't forget, what goes up, must come down, so when the Fete closes around 4.45p.m., feel free again to help undo all the good work you did 8 hours or so earlier! We need all the help we can get.

All the proceeds of the day go to the upkeep of the Lye Field and Pavilion. Thank you all for your wonderful support. We hope we can give you a wonderful day.

Bernie Prolze, Chairman, Fete, 2005.


- for the Fete Toy Stall! Last year the Toy Stall was so successful that all the toys we collected during the summer were sold in the 4 hours of the Fete. Our stock for this year's Fete is nil! We have a stall - but nothing to sell!

Can you help? Do you have any toys/games/puzzles, etc. that your child/ children no longer play with? If so, put it/them to one side and call me Bernie Prolze on 828391 or Mary Gray on 827238 and we will come to your house and collect them! Please help! We need all the toys we can get!

If you would like to help out on the Toy Stall for an hour during the Fete -and actually get to see the final disposal of those unwanted toys to another good home - we could certainly use your services, as we have presently only two volunteers. Please do think about it.


- all are needed to make the Cake and Pastry Stall a success at this year's Fete. Please bring to Bradley Farm on Saturday morning (opposite the Pavilion) or if you need your contribution collected on Friday or Saturday, please call me, Jo Vaux, on 828970.

Thank you in advance for all the lovely items, I know we will be lucky to get.

Jo Vaux.


Flower Show & Fete, Saturday, 13th August: Please bring any produce or plants for the Stall to the Lye Field during the morning: should you need to have anything collected, please contact Joyce (828433) or Roger (828493). Good luck with your entries for the Club Class of Busy Lizzies. If you have never entered before, do have a go. Your offering could well be a winner!

Amateur Garden Show, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet on Saturday 3rd September. There are enough names on the list for this event to fill several cars, but not to fill a coach: so if anyone else is interested in joining us, please give your name and telephone number to Joyce.

The new seasons programme begins on Tuesday, 13th September at 7.30p.m. in the Pavilion. Our speaker will be Mark Simpson, who with his parents has been growing tomatoes, peppers and chillies, aiming for the best flavour and growing properties. They have moved from Surrey to the Old Walled Garden at Longleat and are expanding the variety of seed and plants available to the public and number many well known gardeners amongst their customers. If you are interested in growing fruit and vegetables with more flavour, this is for you. He entitles his talk "Resurrection & Incandescence"! The monthly competition will be for a vase of Garden flowers.

We look forward to seeing current members again and extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join us, or just come to see what the Club aims to do in the coming year.

Joyce Brand.


Our next meeting is on 10th August when the speaker, Mrs. B. Partridge, will talk about "English Cheeses", The competition will be 'Cheese nibbles!' Tea Hostess: Mrs. Betty Smith.

On the 14th September the speaker will be Mrs. Karen Johnstone whose subject is "Tyntesfield - a Gothic Celebration' The competition will be "A Photo of a National Trust Property". Tea Hostess: Mrs. Florence Rouse.

Any visitors or prospective new members will be warmly welcomed at these meetings - particularly the September meeting which should be of great interest to National Trust members.


As you know - due to circumstances beyond our control - we greatly regret that there will be no Saturday Morning Breakfasts this year. We would like to thank all our past helpers and supporters for their invaluable contribution to the success of the Breakfasts which have been part of Seend village life for the past 38 years.

We shall be serving teas at the annual Lye Field Fete on 13th August. To give all our helpers time to visit the stalls and sideshows we are compiling a rota, on an hourly basis, starting at 2.00p.m. Please contact Elizabeth Campbell on 828451 if you can help for an hour. We need - and will be very grateful - for ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! Many thanks.

Mrs.Betty Smith.

BODY CONDITIONING Restarting on Tuesday, 13th September The W.I. Hall. Rusty Lane, Seend Tuesday's at 9.00a.m.
The class is a 45-minute class for mixed abilities and all ages. The Class runs term time only. £3.50 per session.
The Class Structure - 5-10 minutes of gentle cardiovascular warm up, followed by 10-15 minutes of static endurance work and stretch, 15-20 minutes of muscle toning floor work. Please bring a mat or a towel for the floor work. (I start just after 9.00a.m. to accommodate school/play-school drop off)

For more information please call Emma on 828426.


On Sunday, 19th June, 12 walkers assembled at the Old Sarum Car Park, Salisbury where - in true form, 'mad dogs and English men went out in the mid-day sun! Yes, it was a scorcher of a day. We walked through valleys and woodland, passing on the outskirts of Lower Woodford. Crossing the River Avon, through farmland and passing Little Dumford Manor, followed the road into Stratford Sub Castle, skirting the churchyard and headed up hill back to our cars. A distance of 6 miles. Our thanks to both Sheila and Terry Williams for a lovely route.

An Update on Friday Evening, 22nd July: (reported in the last issue of Spotlight), Bob Howe who is organising this walk will be leaving Rusty Lane, Seend at 5.30p.m. or you can meet him at the Pub "Who Du Thought It" at Lockeridge - promptly at 6.00p.m. The walk is fairly flat and for approximately 5 miles. Further details ring Bob on 01380 828554.

Don't Forget Sunday. 31st July: Gordon Reed will be organising a walk in the Westbury White Horse area. Approximately 5 3/4 miles. Meet at 9.30a. m. in Rusty Lane. Bring refreshments.

Please remember the Fete - Saturday. 13th August; The Rambling Club will be manning the White Elephant Stall. Help will be appreciated during the week leading up to the day. Evenings 7 - 9.00p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday and open all day on Friday, 12th, to receive reasonable, saleable items. Please no electrical goods or large pieces of furniture. The Pavilion is the place to bring your items along, when we can sort and price in readiness for the day. We look forward to seeing you.

Sunday, 21st August: Meet in Rusty Lane for a 9.30a.m. start. Pam and Derek Chapman will be taking us on a walk of approximately 5 miles, starting from the top of Hardenhuish: Birdsmarsh, Kellaway and into Langley Burrell. These are preliminary details on going to press; should you wish to know nearer the date, Pam and Derek can be reached on 01225 793227. Bring refreshments for a stop on route.

Sunday, 18th September: Meet in Rusty Lane for a 9.3 O a.m. start. Penny and Ron England will be organising this walk - no further details at present. 01380 828949 will be the number to ring nearer the time.

Lin Salter.


In aid of Bath, Salisbury & Swindon Hospices.
MONDAY. 3rd OCTOBER, 2005 10.00a.m. - 4.00p.m.

A wide Choice of Exciting Stalls. Please Support us - Bring your Friends.

Last year this event raised £7, 000; admission £3.00 Light Refreshments. 30 Stalls. Raffle.

The (occasional) graffiti corner.

Spotlight considers the great majority of graffiti to be deplorable but from time to time, one may see something rather special. How about;
King Tutenkanem has changed his mind. He now wishes to be buried at sea.


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