On Saturday, 14th August the 55th Village Flower Show will be staged in conjunction with the Village Fete.

The origin of the Flower Show as recalled by Desmond Edwards is that, in the early 1940’s it was held in a marquee and was part of the Annual Horse Show which took place on the field where the Lye houses now stand.

The Horse Show fell by the wayside and Mrs. Diana Fraser suggested the idea of a Village Flower Show. Desmond was invited to join her committee and the first Annual Seend Flower Show was held in 1949 and has continued without a break ever since. Initially the Shows were held in the W.I. Hall but thanks to an ever increasing number of entries, they out grew available space and the Show had to be moved to the Social Club where it has continued to “blossom”.

In 1974 the Flower Show was combined with the Seend Lye Field Fete for the two events to run together on, what has become the traditional day for the occasion, the second Saturday in August.

< The Flower Show is much more than exhibits of Flowers although these, together with displays of Floral Art, undoubtedly form the more colourful sections. There are classes for all types of Vegetables and Fruits, Cookery, Handicrafts, Photography and a whole section for Children’s entries. Each year’s Show has been, and continues to be organised by a small committee inspired by a very competent Secretary. A source of great pleasure for many years has been the range of eye catching exhibits; the results of the enthusiastic support of the Staff and children of the Village School.

Thanks to the quality of the many hundreds of entries each year, the Seend Flower Show has long been considered as one of the best village flower shows in the whole of the West Country. It is an ongoing challenge to the present Seend community to ensure that the Flower Show will continue to live up to such praise.



Our speaker in June was Mrs. Bourne from Salisbury who gave a talk on her work with Salisbury Women’s Refuge. In particular she touched our emotions with an account of one young woman’s hazardous journey to the Refuge whilst accompanied by her two young children and carrying her personal belongings.

We are invited to Rowde’s Mothers’ Union Garden Party on the 4th August and on the 18th August we have our annual Bring & Share lunch at the home of Elizabeth Campbell at 12.30p.m. weather permitting.

On the 15th September the speaker will be Mr. D,Kyte.

Elizabeth Campbell.


Friday, 24th September in the W.I. Hall – 10.30a.m. – 12noon.


I was very interested to be shown Liz Futter’s article on Seend Playgroup in the June edition of Spotlight and to realise that it is more than 30 years since the idea of a playgroup in Seend was first aired. The whole idea of learning through play was a new concept then, and the movement was started by a young mother who longed for company for her pre-school children and, indeed, for herself in those far off days when very few mothers had jobs outside the home. I wish I could remember her name (was it Belle someone?), but from small beginnings grew the Playgroup Association to which Seend Playgroup became affiliated. Pam Darby, Margaret Gray (?) and I got the idea off the ground and into the new Pavilion with very limited equipment, but it was a start. Various fund raising activities took place, coffee mornings, jumble sales, etc. I remember Christine Harris, a neighbour in Dial Close whose son, Shannon, was among the first children in the group, raising funds for us by doing portraits of children at £1 a time. I still have the sketches she made of my own children and very good likenesses they were. As Liz says, the group started with 12 children and I have been trying to remember some of the others, but 30 years is a long time and some of those I remember may have joined the group later. As well as Duncan, Sandra, Jamie and Shannon, I remember Anne and Sian Evans, Marcus Thorpe, Louise Hook, John Steel, Darren Nichols among others. I think the cost per session then was 25p.

I am delighted to read that the playgroup thrives. Times have certainly changed and expectations higher with the introduction of the Nursery Grant and Ofsted Inspections. I am sure that what Pam, Margaret and I started in 1974 as an enthusiastic but fairly amateur venture has now grown into a professional group providing the essential early learning experience which is the right of every child.

On a recent visit to the village I was pleased to have the opportunity to take a walk and to see the Lye Field again with its new Millennium Garden and enclosed children’s play area with all the play equipment (including the original climbing frame). I do congratulate Liz Futter on her long association with the Group and wish Seend Playgroup continued success for the future.

Jenny Witt.


The Flower Show Committee welcomes and needs the continued support of all you successful Gardeners, Floral Artists, Photographers, Cooks and Handicraft experts for it is YOUR exhibits that always make the Show such a success. There are classes for all talents and all ages and first time entries are often among the prize winners!

Programmes, which detail the many classes, are available from the Village Shop, The Social Club, The Bell, The Brewery, The Three Magpies, The Tipsy Toad, Great Thornham Farm and The Old Milestone Nursery.

Exhibits should be brought to the Social Club between 6.30p.m. and 7.30p.m. on Friday evening or before 11.00a.m. on Saturday morning.

Do please make a special effort to support what we believe has become the best Village Flower Show in the West Country.



Fete day is approaching fast – hopefully it’s already marked in your diary as a ‘must do’ - we’re all looking forward to an afternoon’s entertainment to equal those of previous years.

Programmes have been on sale for some time, and are still available at Seend Post Office & Stores, or of course on the day itself.

Donations of Tombola prizes are a bit sparse this year so PLEASE SEARCH YOUR CUPBOARDS for these as well as Bottle, Toys and Books – just to remind you, the numbers to ring are – Tombola (Colin) 828946 and (Christine) 828888, Bottles (Frank) 828617, Toys (Mary) 827238, Books (Ann) 828581. If you find any White Elephants, these can be brought to the Usher Pavilion on Wednesday, 11th August 7-9p.m., Thursday, 12th, 7-9p.m., Friday, 13th all day, or ring Ron on 828427. Lilian (828540) would appreciate lots of big and small cakes and savouries nearer the day.

Parking as usual will be split between the Lye Field and Spout Lane. It will be appreciated if local residents using cars can go to the Spout Lane Car Park (sign posted from the High Street). Disabled parking is as before on the Lye Field itself.

The Fete kicks off with the Parade at 1.15p.m. (assembling in Dial Close), led by this year’s Princess with her attendants followed, we hope, by lots of Floats and Fancy Dress entrants. Performance events include the Westerners Showteam, Bassett Allsorts Flyball and Snuffy’s Children’s Magic and Punch and Judy Show, with the Rough Street Jug Band providing the music.

For those bringing dogs to the Fete, please remember that the field is, of course, a recreation area used for sports and play activities, and is normally a dog-free zone – please keep your pets under control and clear up where necessary – a bin will be provided.

Earlier (much earlier!) in the day of course, we hope that hordes of willing helpers will appear on the Field from 8.00a.m. onwards to help with assembling the Beer Tent, Stalls and Gazebos, so start the day with a W.I. breakfast and come and join us!

All the day’s proceeds, as you probably know, go to the Lye Field Charity for the upkeep of the Field, Pavilion, Playground and Tennis Courts.

Lastly, “thank you” to everyone who helps to make the day such a lovely occasion for residents and visitors to our Fete. Have a great day!

Colin Waldeck, Chairman, Fete Committee.


Bulkington Ladies Group:

Wednesday, 25th August: Visit to Vineyard or Bowood House.
Wednesday, 29th September: Wadworth’s Brewery Tour.

For more details of dates and times, please contact Geraldine on 828664.

Bulkington Parish Council;

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday, 8th September, 2004 at 8.00p.m. Bulkington Village Hall.

Church Flowers:

Sunday, 1st & 8th August: - Mrs. Topp.
Sunday, 15th, 22nd & 29th August: - Mrs. Difford.
Sunday, 5th & 12th September: - Mrs. Forsey.
Sunday, 19th & 26th September – Mrs. Griffin.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to the “Flower Ladies”, Jeni Raby-Cox, Ann Parrock, Eileen Difford, Liz Futter, Mary Jones, Audrey McDonald, Thelma Boulton and Barbara Hale for their amazing floral art decorations on display in the Church for the Scarecrow Week-end.

Your wonderful talents brought so much pleasure to so many, and the visitors book was full of compliments, testament to your time and effort, given so freely.

The collection in the Church realised around £100, an absolutely marvelous response. With love and thanks to you all.

Andie Elliott.

Church Cleaning:

August: - Mrs. Webb.
September - Mrs. Raby-Cox.

The Mothers’ Union:

Saturday, 7th August 3.00p.m. – 5.00p.m. ‘Cream Tea’ at 3 School Close, Keevil.

Wednesday, 25th August: 10.30a.m. Deanery Coffee Morning with Bring & Buy and Raffle in Keevil Village Hall. In aid of Mothers Union Overseas Fund. Everyone most welcome.

Wednesday, 22nd September: - 10.30a.m. Manor Farm Keevil. “Wiltshire Farm Foods” with guest speaker Mr. Ken Ainsworth.

Bulkington Scarecrow Trail:

The committee would like to thank all those people who came to the trail. We estimate that 900 people passed through the turnstiles and we shall pass half the income of the £600 raised to Dorothy House. Equally as important as the money was the enjoyment and laughter so evident in the village. You made all the effort worthwhile. I would personally like to thank everyone in Bulkington who helped to make the weekend a success. There are too many names to mention but I must identify the ladies who have spent their Saturday mornings over the last six months building the characters. They are: Anie Elliot, Margaret Foster, Liz Futter, Doreen Griffin, Audrey McDonald and Marina Webb. I must also mention Will Grainger who helped us with the enormous crocodile! There will be a video shortly for anyone who wishes to recapture the event. Finally, I must quot6e a comment made by a little boy who was looking at the ’Three Little Pigs’ - after studying them for a few moments, he turned to his mummy and said “but they’ve all got wooden willies”! Perfect!!.

Sue Noad, Scarecrow Committee.

Winners are:

First Prize (15). Jessie Scragg, Westbury.
Second Prize (10). Joanne Pateson, Melksham
Third Prize (5). Bob Howe, Seend Cleeve.
Best decoy scarecrow – Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rawlings,

We hope to publish the answers to the competition on the Bulkington website The correct answers are also available in Seend Post Office and The Tipsy Toad. There were 49 correct answers. These were placed in a hat to select the three prize winners.

Bulkington Scarecrows:

Amongst the excellent scarecrows were some not named. Was the gentleman in front of the portable toilet called Loo-is? Was the gardener in the porch with his tea mug Alan McDonald Titchmarsh?

Perplexed, Seend.

My thoughts on the Scarecrow Weekend:

If, like me, from time to time you have a “bad day at the office“ type of day, I always reach for my video of the last scarecrow week-end, and it never fails to lift my spirits and put a smile on my face.

I often ask myself why a group of scarecrows, who took up residence at my house, from the moment they were created, has taken over my life for the past six months. After all, underneath their costumes, there are only wooden frames and bubble wrap, their heads are paper machë. They have no brains, no heart and no soul, and yet to me and the “scarecrow team” they are almost real characters that we’ve grown to know and love.

So why? The reason I feel is as clear as the looks on their faces. There is so much part of us in these characters, they’ve become like a family, and to dismantle them will bring a sadness to us all, as creating them brought us so much joy. As individuals we are all as different as the scarecrows themselves, but as a team we all added our special ingredients, we all complimented other and we all unlocked hidden talents which emerged as the weeks went by, giving each other support and ideas, chatting, laughing, overcoming problems, but most of all a very special teamwork and friendship evolved.

All of these unique qualities, the thoughts and ideas, the laughter and tears, have been given to our characters, breathing a little bit of life into their lifeless frames. This whole atmosphere of friendship and teamwork gradually spills over as this extra ordinary community spirit in Bulkington comes to life. Excited children and families fill the Village with chatter and laughter, bringing a little bit of magic into our lives, lifting our spirits and putting a smile on our faces.

We know our scarecrows have a heart and soul because we gave them part of ours for this special week-end.

Andie Elliott.

Barnardo’s House to House Collection:

Thank you to everyone who gave to Barnardo’s. A total of £109 was collected, which is a record.

Liz Futter.

Wiltshire Historic Churches Cycle Ride/Walk:

This will take place on Saturday, 11th September. It is a sponsored event with half the money raised going to your own church. You choose your own route and can do as much or as little as you like. Sponsor forms available from Liz Futter – 828485.

Great Bulkington Railway Steam Up:

Due to an unfortunate error in Spotlight, our “Steam Up” in support of the “Scarecrow Event” was advertised to operate on both the Saturday and Sunday of July 3rd and 4th. As there was no way of correcting the error two “Standby Crews” were called in to operate a steam service on the Saturday. In the event some 160 passengers were carried which raised over £80.

On Sunday, 4th July, (which was our original scheduled ’Steam Up’ day) we had five steam locomotives running, two of which hauled fare-paying passengers. The rest were goods trains. Every rider had two trips – a ride of nearly 2,000 feet – all for 50p. – in two days 235 trips around the gardens! There was an endless stream of children and adults waiting to ride – occasionally a steam loco ran low on pressure and caused minor hold ups – but everybody was very patient. Later in the afternoon the big G.B.R. Peak 45 diesel took over the passenger hauling. Altogether in two days the trains took a record £277 – half of which was donated to the West Wilts. Model Engineers who frequently provide steam locomotives for our charity fund raising events. The good ladies, Phyl, Annie & Thelma served endless cups of tea & ’Sticky buns’ (thanks to another Two Annes!). Quite a few beers and wines were drunk giving a further profit to the Village Hall Restoration Funds of another £110. Many thanks to all our visitors.

We are now planning ’Trips to see Father Christmas’ for December.

Nev Boulton.

Bulkington Village Hall Restoration Fund Summer Party:

Yes, it is summer and Bulkington Village Hall still needs some restoration!

Following the enormous success of last year’s Auction of Promises, the Bulkington Village Hall Restoration Committee are holding another fund raising event at Millcroft (Nev & Thelma Boulton’s house – next to the Village Hall) on 21st August.

As most of you are aware, the restoration project has come on leaps and bounds but there is still some work that needs to be completed – pointing the stonework, upgrading the toilets (including provision for the disabled), a entrance wheelchair ramp and installing hung ceiling to reduce the echoes. Naturally, all this costs money and so we are continuing our fundraising efforts with a view to finishing the outstanding works as soon as possible. Whilst the aim of the Summer Party is to raise funds, it is also a great night out and a rare chance to spend some time meeting and chatting with your neighbours and invited guests. This year there will not be an auction but there will be a night of food, drink and entertainment for all the family. There are tables and chairs in marquees for everyone, so don’t let the weather put you off, plus there will be a cheap bar selling beer, wine and soft drinks. Like last year, you need to bring your own dinner and most importantly, bring your friends!.

The party starts at 6.00p.m. with a disco for all the young people, with music and dancing which will appeal to those from 2 years to teenage years (and a few older ones!). From 8.00p.m. there will be a line-dancing teacher who will be getting you all up for a quick lesson in how to move as one village in a beautiful flowing fashion??!! The aim is to have some fun and the lesson period will be mainly for those who have never tried line dancing before, but the local experts will be on the floor with you for some on the spot training! The adult’s disco will start at 8.45 for an hour before another line dancing session starts but this time you’re on your own!! The disco and dancing will go on to 11.30p.m. and then it will be time to get on your horse and drink your milk before going to bed.

Tickets cost £7.50 per head, which represents great value for money, raises much needed cash for the Village Hall and children under 16 years get in for free. If you did not come last year, then have a chat with someone who did and they will tell you what a great fun night it was. Finally, fancy dress is entirely optional, but if you or the children want to put on your Stetson and load your six shooter for the night, then the best dressed cowboy/cowgirl will win a great prize. I really hope you’re able to come along to our village party and help maintain our Village Hall. Tickets are on sale at the Tipsy Toad or call Spike on 828248 or Nev on 828101 and we will get some to you.

Spike Flynn.

Bulkington Mothers & Toddlers met for the first time in the Village Hall on Thursday, 15th July. The venture was totally successful and from now on, similar meetings will be held on every Thursday. Time: 10.00a.m. – 11.30a.m.


13 ramblers turned out for Bob Howe’s walk on Sunday, 4th July, on a reasonably fine day. The walk started in Steeple Ashton making way to West Ashton and East Town and finally heading back to the start. By car, everyone made their way to Bulkington for the Scarecrow event. This was a magnificent effort on behalf of the organisers, the standard was immensely high – well done. Our members thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the competition. Thanks to Bob for organising the walk.

Sunday, 11th July: 12 ramblers walked the 6½ distance from Amesbury through the Woodford Valley. The weather kept fine, but for a couple of showers. This was a really pretty walk taking us along tracks, through wooded lanes and passing over little river bridges. Very scenic, thank you Sheila and Terry for organising this walk.

Please remember the Fete – Saturday, 14th August: The Rambling Club will be manning the White Elephant Stall. Help will be appreciated during the week leading up to the day. Evenings 7.00p.m. – 9.00p.m. on Wednesday/Thursday 12th and Friday, 13th in the Pavilion to sort out and price items for sale, and, of course, again on the Saturday afternoon serving on the stall. No electrical goods or furniture, thank you.

Next walk is on Sunday, 22nd August: 10.00a.m. departure from Rusty Lane. 10.30a.m. Box in the Library car park. Leader: Ron Apted (01380 828427). The walk will take us from Box to Rudloe, Widdenham Farm and back along the Bybrook. Terrain: 2 small inclines. Estimated time 3 hours. Bring refreshments.

September Walk is scheduled for Sunday, 12th: 9.30a.m. departure from Rusty Lane for a 6 mile distance on the Wiltshire Downs around Broad Hinton. This walk is in memory of Iris Scrivener and we are hoping that some of her other friends will be able to join us. Lunch is at around 1.00p.m. at the Bell Inn, Broad Hinton. Please ring Penny England (01380 828949) If you wish to partake. We will have a collection for the MacMillan Cancer Relief Charity.

Lin Salter.


Kennet Care & Repair Service is not for profit organisation designed for those over 60 or disabled to remain living in their own homes. The organisation has developed a Handihelp Service for small jobs around the house and it also operates a “one off” Ground Clearing Service. These services may be subsidised for those on means tested benefits. Also offered is a free Home Safety Check which could hi-light potential hazards, most of which could be rectified by the Handicap Scheme.

Anybody interested in receiving these services should telephone 01380 735 333.


The Chairman and the Lye Field Committee are delighted to confirm Seend Lye Field as the venue for this year.

This will involve around 300 to 400 cyclists, who will leave the Field at varying times to cycle around the central Wiltshire countryside, and back to the Field, some of whom will have completed 28 miles and others 47 miles. The whole ride will take from between 9.00a.m. and 5.00p.m. and will take part on the Sunday, 5th September, 2004.

There is likely to be some disruption in the general area, which we hope will be kept to a minimum. Weather permitting, most visitors cars will be parked on the Field , but this may not deter the odd motorist from parking at will.

Refreshments will be available, should any locals wish to come along.

D. Sawyer, Hon.Sec. Seend Lye Recreation Field.


The next meeting will be on 11th August and our speaker will be Mrs. Gravina talking to us about “Spinning and Weaving”. The competition at this meeting will be “Something I made”.

At the meeting on the 8th September the speaker will be Mr. Julian Johnson telling us about “Three Volcanic Islands in the South Atlantic”. The competition will be “A shell”.

All members and visitors welcome to these meetings.

Muriel Buckley.


Following on from a very successful summer last year, the Activezone Roadshow will again appear at the Lye Field this summer.

The dates for the shows are: Tuesday 3rd, 10, 17th, 24th August from 9.30a.m. until 12.30p.m.

The children really enjoyed last year’s shows, and Kennet look forward to seeing many children again this year. Any further information, please contact Tom Hanson, the Summer Programme Manager on 01672 514382.

D.Sawyer, Seend Lye Recreation Field Committee.


On 29th June, the last three members gardens were opened for this year – Jean & Roger Allen, Audrey & Tony Hill and Jane Goman. Even after a battering by the rain there was still much colour to be seen. Thanks to all who participated in three convivial evenings.

Club Day Out: Mary Keen had made full use of the topography of her garden at Duntisbourne Rous to produce groups of compatible and unusual plants in sheltered places on the slopes. Each area was quite different to the next and led around the house and down the hill. She is a busy writer on gardens, but produced her own plants and coped with little extra help. Although the weather was not the best, we very much enjoyed the garden, the help yourself coffee and biscuits and our picnic in the delightful tiny Saxon Church (with permission!).

By the afternoon the rain had set in, but the gardener at Bourton Hill House gave us an extended tour of the gardens packed with plants of interest and colour. Luckily the tithe barn was warm, modernised and welcomed us with hot tea and cake at the end of the afternoon.

The Club’s next major fixture is the Seend Flower Show & Fete on Saturday, 14th August. Don’t forget to enter your geraniums and other classes – it can be great fun. Would members and anyone willing, bring their plants and produce to the Lye Field on the morning of the event and let Joyce (828433), Tony (828397) or Roger (828493) know if you need anything to be collected. Thank you. Would helpers be at the stall well before the start of the Fete please.

The opening meeting is on Tuesday, 14th September, at the Pavilion, Rusty Lane, at 7.30p.m. The speaker is Julia Scott on “Herbs”. Please bring a vase of your garden flowers for the monthly competition. New members from the Seend area are always welcome.

Joyce Brand.


By the time you read this, Richard at the Shop will have taken over the role of updating and supplying the “Welcome to Seend” booklet, on behalf of the Parish Council. So, if you’re new to the Village or have new neighbours, ask Richard for a copy.


Don’t forget that members of Seend Cleeve Sailing Club with the assistance of Seend Fawlty Players, will come round collecting goodies for the bottle stall at the Fete. Anything from a magnum of champers to a tin of mushy peas will do – it’s all in a good cause! Watch out for us as follows:

Monday, 9th August: - The Street.
Tuesday, 10th August: - Sells Green and Martinslade.
Wednesday, 11th August – Seend Cleeve.

If we miss you, you can always bring your bottles along to the staff on Fete day. Or ring 828617 and we’ll arrange a special collection.


Duo del Fuego (classical guitar and violin) will perform for us on Sunday, 3rd October, at 8.00p.m. in the Pavilion. This event is part of the Rural Arts Wiltshire touring scheme, and is subsidised by Kennet and the other district councils. As usual, any profits will go towards the upkeep of the Pavilion and playing field. Look out for posters, or ring 828617 for details.


On 14th July in the Brewery Inn, the village panto group handed over cheques for £200 each to the Polebarn House Club in Trowbridge – a centre for people with Alzheimer’s and other memory problems – and George Ward School to contribute towards computers for the school in Nepal that they have links with.

We’ve kept a bit more than we usually do in the coffers with a view to investing it in special effects equipment for future shows. Thanks to everyone who supported the pantomime and so helped us to raise this money. We’re already working on next February’s show, so there’s no escape.

Humorous Corner?

In the last issue of Spotlight readers were invited to note new advertisers and to support them where possible. In a letter received from one reader he states his willingness to help where possible but he asks if he can defer his services to the undertaker for as long as possible!

Ron and Rita Apted went to a wedding in Greenwich. On return they were asked what they had done in the meantime!

One sometimes wonders if, when preparing a statement or a caption, people realise how it might be read or interpreted. Recently on holiday, a reader saw an inscription on a public seat. It read (the names and dates have been changed) “Donated by Joan Smith in memory of her husband Bill Smith. 1920-1998. - Mother was a Chellow”.


The collection yielded £1,755 and this should enable us to make the final payment on machinery and provide us with paper and other materials for the coming year. Many, many thanks go to everybody who contributed.



At the Church of the Holy Cross, Seend on Trinity Sunday, 6th June, the 60th Anniversary of D. Day.

A number of people were much moved by the Intersession written and presented by Major Roger Brind R.M., at the service to mark this special occasion.

As a result the Seend British Legion Committee has agreed to, and arranged with Spotlight to reprint so that those wishing to own a copy may do so. It can be found in printed copies of Spotlight.

A little bit of Village History – The Lye Field – continued.

The first traction engine rally was a tremendous success with some 20,000 people attending over the two days. Entrance charges had been 2/6d. (12½p.) for adults, 1/- (5p) for children and 5/- (25p) for cars. At the end of the rally a provisional profit of £2,732.19s.8d. was declared. There was a lot for visitors to see. There were huge showman’s tractors, steam rollers, and general purpose steam tractors which had been used for haulage work. There were tractors for threshing and ploughing and there was a horse-drawn, steam operated fire engine. The visitors could see and listen to steam powered fair ground organs. They could examine vintage cars and vintage farm tractors, look at a wide range of very accurately made working steam models and enjoy themselves on various fairground rides. There were sheep dogs at work and there were ploughing and saw bench demonstrations with the steam engines. They could also spend money at the many trade stands or in the refreshment tent.

They also hit problems. Car parking was on one side only of the A365 with entrance money being collected at the gate. Traffic built up alarmingly and vehicles were held up from Shaw and Whitely in one direction and from the outskirts of Devizes from the other. A policeman managed to get to the head of the queue and insisted that car parking money be collected on the field and Walter Mayell recalls chasing around as quickly as possible trying to collect money before the drivers and passengers disappeared into the crowd. Desmond Edwards and Joy Wellings were detailed to wait by a small gap in the hedge to collect from pedestrians trying to avoid the main gate. Later there was problems as cars tried to get out of the field. It took three hours to get the last, and very irate, visitors out of the park. Everybody had been on tenter-hooks prior to the event. There had been major rain falls in the area and two weeks before the due date the field was under water. Over in Somerset the rain had been sufficient to wash away sixteen bridges but fortunately, everything cleared up for the weekend. In the refreshment tent all of the cakes sold very quickly and it was obvious that much greater quantities would be needed for any future rallies. For subsequent rallies cake and bread collection points were set up throughout the parish.

At times, memories tend to be uncertain but there was the incident of the toilet seat. Portable toilets had been hired and a group of villagers were detailed to keep them clean. Some how an excessive amount of bleach was used into which a lady then sat. She had to be taken to hospital but fortunately had suffered no particular harm. During the opening of the event the Vicar had spoken from the cab of one of the traction engines. His light coloured suit collected a lot of specks of black soot.

(to be continued).


Spotlight Editor: Mrs Lilian Smallshaw - Telephone: 828540
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